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Jul 8, 2007 12:07 PM

Jonesport, ME

We will stay in Jonesport 7/22/07 to take Norton's Puffin tour early next morning. For dinner I've found the following listings: Tall Barney's and Snare Creek Grill in Jonesport, Artist's Cafe and Riverside Inn in Machias, and White House in Jonesboro. We don't need fancy just chowish. i.e. Is Artist's Cafe worth driving to vs. Tall Barney's?

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  1. Oh, go to Tall Barney's and sit at the liar's table. It doesn't get any more local than that. Snare Creek has two sides, one fancy with multi-course dinners; the other serving the usual down east fried fare. It's a pretty good drive up to Machias, but Artist's Cafe is nice, with a menu that's well beyond the usuals for this area. Riverside Inn is more fine dining concept. There's also another place, something farm, that opened in the last year or so. I tried to check it out last summer while in the area, but it wasn't open. Skip the White House.

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      Thanks for the prompt response Mainegal. Just what I needed. Maybe we'll hit Artist's for lunch on the way to NB.

    2. Mainegal is spot on. Tall Barney's is "wicked good cappy"! Doing a 3 day kayak paddle out of Beales this Wed., wish I could stop

      1. We arrived in Jonesport on Sun.evening 7/22 and alas Tall Barney’s was closed! The only place open in the vicinity was the White House Restaurant. (I know; I was warned.) Salad had local cukes and tomatoes but with Newman’s Italian in a packet. Lobster stew - simple milky broth with tender lobster. Seafood chowder had fish, scallops, canned shrimp, potatoes in a more buttery broth. Fried chicken nicely seasoned but heavy duty batter. Crab roll in toasted bun, just local crab (maybe 6oz.) and mayo. Frozen fries.
        We hit Tall Barney’s for lunch the next day after Machias Seal Island. (John Norton was quite the character and the trip was well worth it.) The lobster rolls were stuffed to the max with some mayo and a little celery. Didn’t try seafood chowder but SO said was good. Great oatmeal cookie for the road to Canada. Just wish Tall Barney’s was opened the night before, would’ve eaten there twice.