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Jul 8, 2007 11:58 AM

ice cream bananas

In a book titled "Why do donuts have holes" I read about a type of banana called the ice cream banana. According to the book this type of banana is blue before ripening and has a marshmallow texture and a taste like vanilla custard. Searching on the internet just turned up a lot of recipes for banana ice cream and even wikipedia did not have an entry. My question is this has anyone tried them do they taste the way I described and where can I get them in the USA.

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  1. Never heard of it.

    Did you try this site?

    1. I've tried 'em more than once. There used to be a place called the Banana Plantation on highway 1 in La Conchita, California. They had many kinds of bananas, as well as other exotic fruit - guavas, sapotes, etc. What a great place.

      A friend of mine also has an Ice Cream banana tree and two years ago he got a good crop. They pretty much do taste as described, but I would call the flavor brighter than a vanilla custard. They do have a soft texture but I would say more moist and luscious than a marshmallow. The "blue" color if I remember right is not a real true blue, but blue in the way of blue-gray foliage like a eucalyptus tree.

      I have no idea where you could get one now. The banana plantation is gone. You can certainly get the plants on line. I bet if you looked on any of a number of exotic fruit message boards and expressed curiousity you could convince a poster to send you one.

      Dave's Garden sells the plants.

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        I remember the Banana Plantation, though I never did buy any plants from that guy.

        Yeah, the ice cream banana is pretty easy to get and yeah it does kind of taste like ice cream, very creamy very sweet. If you want to grow it, I guess it depends on your location. A lot of people in southern california grow banana plants, including yours truly, as it's pretty easy to get a good crop here.

        1. re: choctastic

          I just wanna buy some I will be in SF in October. You know anyplace that sells them there?