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Jul 8, 2007 11:33 AM

What's Up with Trader Vic's?

I searched the past year for any chowhound reviews of dinner at Trader Vic's, but was unsucessful--only found a few mentions of cocktails. Has anyone been? Any comments? I'm considering this as a place to take my parents when they visit, as they used to frequent the SoCal TV when they were dating/first married. (Thought it would be an interesting nostalgia moment)...


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  1. Last time I called to make reservation for dinner, they didn't have anything open for two months! So I haven't been.

    Here are some reviews, but unfortunately it doesn't look good...

    1. I went a couple of weeks ago, and was quite disappointed. The drinks were good (if pricey), but overall the food was mediocre. In our group, only one person really liked her entree (it was either halibut or sea bass); several people had curries, but no one thought they were anything special; and I had the crispy duck, which was awful -- so dry I only had a couple of bites. Despite the lousy food, the place was packed. Go figure.

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        I went about a month ago and was, like Dallas Alice, really really really disappointed. Decor is what you expect: tacky in a fun way. Drink menu is more fun reading than actually drinking. My dining companion is a very picky eater, so her comments not withstanding, I'll also second Dallas Alice's opinion on the "Crispy Duck", which was neither crispy nor recognizable as duck. It was so dry I felt as if I was chewing a rope. It was inedible (I didn't even bother sending it back). Unlike Alice, I didn't think the place was OK at all. Don't look for this diner to come back there for $100 dinners (for two).

      2. So sorry to hear the awful comments about Trader Vic's. The Dallas location was the very first restaurant experience I ever had past East Texas home cooking! I still remember having Cherries Jubilee for the fist time 36 years ago. I hope they get their act together!

        1. I haven't eaten dinner there, but I've been to the bar a number of times and had a great time. I thought the drinks were good and I thought they did a great rendition of the pupu platter (they call it something else - can't remember). I will admit that I have fond memories of the place from when I was a senior in high school (yes, back in the days when the drinking age was 18) that definitely gave me some rose-colored glasses. It was tiki-tacky fun.