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Jul 8, 2007 10:49 AM


i just got a charcoal grill and i am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on some great charcoal i can pick up in the area (westside). i bought some from Whole Foods that was just eh. Thanks fo any advice.

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  1. Don't specifically know what's available in your area, but I will say that Kingsford continues to be a good solid traditional briquette. People have complained over the years about quality, amount of ash, etc., but it burns well and consistently for me, and I go through a lot.

    Briquettes are good for longer burning, but natural hardwood charcoal (AKA lump charcoal) is a purer product (literally charred wood) and will burn hotter, and faster. In a charcoal grill, I think lump is better for high heat direct cooking (steaks, burgers, etc) and briquettes are better for slower or indirect cooks (chicken, butts, ribs, etc). Just my .02

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      BBQs galore has real hardwood lump . Its more expensive but the best!

    2. I am now starting to try a bag [30lbs I think] of mexican lump charcoal from the Beverage Warehouse. Paid $13.99 for it compared to the $10 for 8lbs I paid for a bag at Surfas. Pluses Lots of Big Chunks. Minuses doesn't cook as hot and is smokier than the Surfas stuff. But I will try a batch tonight and have a better Idea of its quality .

      Take Care

      - P.

      1. I like hardwood lump. Smart & Final usually has large bags of Mesquite Lump for a good price. I wish I could find some Hickory, Oak or Red Oak in lump form. If anyone knows any place for lump in the LA area, please post.

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          you can get the oak [definitely] and the hickory [maybe] from Surfas

          1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

            Surfas is so damn expensive for that stuff!

            1. re: Burger Boy

              You don't need to go to a bourgie place like Surfas for hardwood charcoal. Most local Mexican market-delis carry it for much cheaper.

              1. re: Burger Boy

                I agree. That's why I'm trying alternatives.

          2. BBQs Galore on Pico near Sepulveda.

              1. re: Joe Blowe

                I stand by my 9-month old recommendation. If you want the good stuff, go here.

                1. re: Joe Blowe

                  Since someone below bumped the thread, might as well reaffirm my recommendation! For lump charcoal *and* various cooking woods, this is your one-stop-shop...


                  No affiliation with the place, other than being a happy customer!