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Jul 8, 2007 10:46 AM

Thinking about going to Salts for my birthday....

any opinions? Any recommendations on dishes? Or should I pick a different place? I want a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, nothing stuffy or too "fine dining".



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  1. The atmosphere is relatively casual and relaxed, but the food is fine dining food. One of my favourites in the area. I like the deceptively simple roast duck - it's actually quite an involved dish where the duck is deboned while kept intact, then stuffed, trussed up and roasted. The duck serves two, and presents a pretty healthy portion. The chicken ballontine is also exceptional and a good example of the detailed cooking there -- a roulade of dark and white meat covered by crisped skin on the outside. Lots of flavour, perfectly moist and tender. The chocolate torchon is a very good dessert -- beautifully tempered chocolate for the right texture and sheen.

    1. Salts is one of our go to places for a special night out.( the other being Pigalle). I don't think it stuffy at all and the owner/ host Analea (?sp) is warm and welcoming but I would describe it as quiet and elegant . Depends on your definition of fine dining..if the context of hovering waitstaff, overset tables and hushed , Nope it isnt. if your definition was referring to extremely fine ingredients, preparation and presentation, Yep it is NOT a hopping buzz in there but an exquisite experience for a special evening. I love the duck for two although it doesnt get uniform raves on this board. If they are offering a tasiting menu , go for it . And Gabriel is particularly good with soups ( hot or cold) and all raw tuna things Happy Birthday

      1. We went in jeans on Friday night and everything was delicious. The food and service were both terrific, and the atmosphere was very nice without being pretentious. The chicken ballotine with cinnamon smoke is excellent, a little better than the fish entree that I can't even remember right now. The beet salad with rhubarb from their farm was great to start with; small portions, but intense flavors. I second the recommendation of the chocolate torchon for dessert. Happy birthday!