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Jul 8, 2007 09:56 AM


Has anyone been to Bobby Flay's Bolo? I am heading to NYC in the beginning of August and out of all of his restaurants, this one looked the most appealing, menu wise.

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  1. We haven't been to Bolo in quite some time but liked the food a lot when we ate there. Nice atmospherics. I say, give it a try.

    Btw, I would not recommend Bar Americain. Our one -- and what will be our only -- experience there was extremely disappointing.

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      Went to Bolo for a friends B-Day a few months ago. I have to say the service was terrible. You know, one of those nights when everything just goes wrong. Incorrect drinks and meals, long waits for every course, entrees served to half the table and the other half 20 min later...the list goes on and on. The food would have had to blow us away to get me back and it certainly didnt.

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        Hmmm, that sounds like a disaster! I would be going for lunch, do you guys still recommend I make a reservation?

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          We had lunch at Bolo once. We accidentally stumbled in there during Restaurant Week and, though we didn't have reservation, there happened to be a table available at just that moment. Despite how busy and hectic things were, our server couldn't have been nicer, he did a great job, everything ran smoothly, and the food was tasty. I don't think they are normally that busy for lunch. But when it comes to service, it's often the luck of the draw.

    2. There have been several recents posts on Bolo-Booby Flay restaurants:

      1. We had a lovely dinner there a few weeks ago, with very attentive service. The food was surprisingly good.

        1. Went several years ago. Sat at the bar and engaged the bartender, had a wonderful time. Food was very good, but not great.
          My impression before going was that it was more expensive than it was worth, which was borne out by experience. If I hadn't been on a friend's expense account the bill would've annoyed me.

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            Again, the best advice is to try a locally OWNED AND OPERATED restaurant that comes with recommendations (especially from CH'ers). You will have a better experience at a better price than you will at the celebrity spots. I'm sure there are several NYC natives that will agree and will point you in the right direction.

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              I am going to several other locally owned and operated restaurants. I have heard good things about Bolo and wanted to try it. Plus, im a sucker for the Food Network...

          2. I have been to Bolo for dinner at least three times and have always had very good food and very competent service. I would recommend it.