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Jul 8, 2007 09:45 AM

New--Blue Marble ice cream on Atlantic

Riding on the B63 this morning down Atlantic I noticed what looks to be a new ice cream parlour on Atlantic by Bond (or was it Hoyt?) It's name is "Blue Marble." Then I did a search and I found this on Eater:

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  1. sounds great, this area could use a good ice cream place!

    1. Does anyone know if this place has opened yet? If so, any reports?

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      1. re: bklynite

        Nope. Shrewdly waiting for the winter ice cream season.
        Yeah yeah yeah---could be any of a million funding or red tape hangups. I'm sure they'd be open if they could.

        1. re: JonL

          I'm so curious as to what this place will be like.

      2. They have been open for about two weeks now, and I am impressed. I was very dubious given how long it took them to open, but the ice cream is really good, and I especially enjoyed the ice cream/double espresso combo. Great addition to the neighborhood.

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        1. re: salmonskin

          Try the chocolate chip ice cream if that's your thing. It's really creamy and fresh. The chocolate ice cream was so-so. It's kind of expensive but I look forard to trying more of their flavors.

          1. re: ChowDiva

            I agree it’s not inexpensive, but we found it good and their staff was certainly accommodating. Try the Mora (sp?), it was like a raspberry but a little different – very good. My only gripe was that their sprinkles had the consistency of ball bearings, next time I’d try another topping. It’s a nice parlor and we thought the image of someone’s adventurous travels shown in back were interesting.

        2. we tried it about 2 wks ago. I am still thinking about the "cultured" flavor they had, which is a frozen yogurt, with just a little bit of sugar. I imagine its like that pinkberry stuff, though I've never had it. It was perfectly sour and not like any other ice cream flavor I've ever had.