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Jul 8, 2007 08:01 AM

Good Vietnamese in Philly burbs?

Can anyone recommend a good Vietnamese restaurant in the western suburbs of Philadelphia? Thanks.

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  1. In Warminster we went to a new Asian Restaurant called Yazmin. I had the Pho and Grilled Shrimp which were excellent. My husband had a delicious pork dish. They serve Asian ( Thai, Vietnamese and French) Contemporary Cuisine. It's address is 240 York Road in the Warminster Shopping Center. BYO too!

    1. It's a bit of a hike, but the best Vietnamese I've found in the Philly Suburbs is the Vietnam Cafe in Telford. There's a large Vietnamese population in the town, and this restaurant is right in the middle of it.

      Vietnam Cafe Restaurant
      179 Penn Ave, Telford, PA 18969

      1. We like Le Saigon in the Paoli shopping center a lot. It's a BYOB. I have little confidence in its authenticity, but I wouldn't know the diff and it's enjoyable food.
        (610) 889-4870

        Le Saigon
        82 E Lancaster Ave, Paoli, PA 19301

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          le saigon has been hit-or-miss with me. on my most recent visit i had a completely awesome and spicy sizzling tofu (agreed with your comments on authenticity, but it was tasty nonetheless). another time i had a noodle dish with vegetables where the spices just didn't gel for me.

          there's a real lack of good asian dining within driving distance from work, but this place comes in second to new lee garden (chinese).

          1. re: Mawrter

            I just looked at Le Saigon's online menu and noticed they do not serve pho! Sacrilege!

          2. Pho Thai Nam in Blue Bell is quite good. Very good Pho. Savor Saigon in Levittown is also very good. Great Pho, great bubble tea, great shakes.

            I have heard such good things about Vietnam Cafe in Telfor on this board... I'm dying to try it!

            I typically eat in the suburbs and am of the beleif that you can find as high a quality restaurant in the burbs as you can in the city if you go to the right place (I know many disagree on this point). However, I do feel that "authentic" Asian food is one area where you will find the best food in the city. The food in the burbs is good for these cuisines (Vietnamese, Thai, etc) but really does not compare to the city.

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            1. re: AmblerGirl

              Depends on where you go in the suburbs, I think.

              For instance, if you go to a Thai, Viet restaurant in a section of town that has a huge Thai or Viet population, you're going to get true, authentic food. Telford definitely fits this bill, as the section Vietnamese Cafe is located in, is highly populated with Vietnamese and you'll find there is actually a "Vietnamese" section of that town.

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                We went to Savor Saigon a few weekends ago and thought the food was very good. Highly recommended!

              2. The brand new Taste of Saigon opened at 249-A, Egg Harbor Road in Turnersville, NJ on 7/9/2007! We had the appetizer sampler (2 spring rolls, 2 crazy chicken, 2 pumpkin turnovers, and 2 Nam Nuong, $9.95). The husband had the Basil chicken($12.95). I had the Pho Saigon ($5.95)that had thinly slicke flank steak and beef balls in a delightful beef broth and rice noodles. The bean sprouts, line wedges, and basil leaves were served on the side. Red rice in coconut milk was a chewy, liquidy, not overly sweet dessert. The Lime iced tea alone was worth the trip. The restaurant features cloth table coverings and napkins, and fresh flowers.

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                1. re: sabhoy

                  My wife is Vietnamese and we live in Lansdale. For her, it was either Vietnam Cafe in Telford, which she liked very much, or she would head down to the Washington Ave. places. She tried Pho Thai Nam in Blue Bell and said it was just average, but she was very picky about her pho.

                  1. re: pft

                    I would have to agree that Vietnam Cafe in Telford is the best Vietnamese food I've had in the suburbs. I go to Pho Thai Nam as well but usually when some of my children want Thai and some of them want Vietnamese but find that both are merely average. Pho Thai Nam's Pho is average in my book and not nearly as good as Vietnam Cafe's. My child say that their Thai is not as good as what they get at Nadia's in Lansdale (which I think is OK). So it seems that they don't do either all that well (though the owner is a very nice guy and now knows my children well).

                    I have to venture down to Washington Ave. and try some places down there (e.g. Nam Phuong). I was at Vietnam about a month ago and my wife and I were disappointed once again in their food.

                    1. re: pft

                      Yes, I'd agree with your wife re: the average pho at Pho Tai Nam. However, on my laziest of days, I'd rather drive there instead of making the hike to Chinatown.