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Jul 8, 2007 07:31 AM

Seeking dim sum dish

I recently visited Toronto, and ate at the high-end dim sum joint Lai Wah Heen. I had a dish there that I've never seen before-it's name and description:

Baked mini puff pastry turnover with cured ham, shrimp & pork

It's a small pie shape (with top crust)-the pastry is yellowish and slightly sweet, contrasted with the savory filling, which is chopped finely.

Any thoughts on where I might find this in NY? Thanks.

website, if that helps.

I'm also posting on the Manhattan board.

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  1. My guess is that you won't find it in New York, though I'd be thrilled if you did. What you described sounds like one of the "new wave" dim sum items often discussed on the Los Angeles and San Francisco boards. The new wave has spread from Asia to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto, and might best be described as dim sum items that are more delicate, imaginative and nontraditional, with the dim sum chef's imagination being the only limitation on what the dim sum item might be. From what I can tell, New York Chinese food is still stuck in the 1990s, and is the only major North American Chinese food center not yet riding the wave. There are a half dozen new wave dim sum places in Los Angeles, and an equal number in San Francisco. The closest thing to new wave I know of in New York is Dim Sum Go Go in Chinatown, but it's not quite there. And one possibility might be Pacificana in Brooklyn since it's a new dim sum palace, but I haven't been there yet. Of course, since the new wave lets chefs run free with their imagination, there's also less standardization between restaurants. So even if you found another one of the modern dim sum restaurants, there's no guarantee you'd find the particular dish you're looking for.

    1. I would agree with Chandavk1. At one time, perhaps Sweet-n-Tart Cafe was doing something remotely similar to what you are mentioning here and maybe Dim Sum Go Go may have something close to that but still not quite the same. But if you find a place in Manhattan that serves similar food, please keep us informed. I would love to go!

      1. Yes, someone I know who is a dim sum devotee had the same take-a Hong Kong innovation. If I run across anything even close I'll post it. Thanks for you thoughts.