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Jul 8, 2007 07:27 AM

Celestin - Summerlicious

I have never been a fan of Summerlicious. Based on past experiences, I found the overall food quality and dining experiences mostly dissappointing. Therefore, yesterday evening, I reluctantly tagged along with a number of friends to Celestin's summerlicious with a heavy heart.
I had: the Spicy Lobster bisque - condensed and fairly flavourful,
the Seared Scallops - 3 bite size morsels on some mousse without any vegetable
accompliment. Nicely cooked but way too small a portion to be called an entree.
the Lemon Mascarpone dessert - a little bowl of fluffy custard infused with fresh lemon. OK,
but nothig special
I had also a glass of Chateau Duccasse Bordeaux Blanc and a glass of Australian Abbey Rock Sem/Sal. The latter was very good with a lovely bouquet.
Thank God the service was attentive and friendly, even though the place was packed.
My portion of the bill after tax and a compulsory 18% service charge comes to $75. A hefty price to pay for a half empty stomach and just OK food!! We all ended up afterwards at the 'Taste of Lawrence' for some Shawarma to fill up, a by then, growling stomach. For $75, I can eat much better and fuller, ordering a la carte from Pastis or Batifole. Guess after yesterday, Summerliciou NO MORE!!.

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  1. I've commented previously that the *licious idea has morphed into something not entirely palatable...that being said, I am doing it for several restos this summer, notably Celestin, so thanks for the review.

    I hate to sound elitist, but anytime the doors are opened to the masses (and here, I don't mean anything other than the literal meaning of the word) and restaurants pack 3 seatings in a night, feel the need to put out smaller portions etc, most usually the experience will suffer.

    Charles, I will most likely follow your lead and not do any more *licious events.

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      I was at The Fifth last night, and we left very content with the size of the meal, though we did order sides of asparagus and risotto. I posted a review last night on this board.

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      1. I went to Celestin as well and I must say that I had a great meal! And, having been in the business, had no problem with them including the gratuity (my man and I acutally left them more money, because the service was so good!); we understand that the 'licious crowd can be quite frugal when it comes to tipping. Our meal was wonderful, but I think it is the 'licious crowds who have forgotten what it is all about: experiencing quality restaurant on the cheap! You are NEVER going to be able to go to Celestin for $35 and experience a total dining experience!! If you think that you are, you should stay home and order pizza. But, if you want to go and try a scaled-down experience...go for Summerlicious. Although I would imagine that they're sold out. Perhaps next year!

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          1. Folks, the goal of this board is to share tips on where to find great chow. We've removed some off topic discussion from this thread. If you'd like to launch a discussion of the business aspects of special restaurant promotional weeks, please start a new thread on the Not About Food board. It's OK to put a "pointer" on this board, letting the Toronto hounds know where the discussion is so everybody who is interested can add his/her input in the appropriate place.

            If you have reviews of the food being served during Summerlicious, please go ahead and share that input here. Thanks for helping us keep this board focused on chow.