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A week of take-out

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My husband is traveling for the week, which means I have a blank slate for take-out. I'm willing to drive from Waltham for take-out that can stand up to travel time. I like just about anything, but will also be dining with my adult sons; one, an adventurous vegetarian and the other, a savvy hound who hates ginger but loves all things Asian.

Next Saturday will be a Chinatown visit in the afternoon, and my first Santarpio's slice at night on my way to the airport.

I certainly have some favorites from the past (Shangri-la, Dok Bua, Qing Dao, Basta Pasta) and countless threads to go back to, but in particular looking for food that will hold up. We're open to all cuisines, and looking to stay mainly in the cheap-eats range.

If you had seven days of take-out, where would you go?

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    1. re: Luther

      Never been so I guess I just assumed. I guess I'll be getting a whole pie, then. From what I hear, sausage?

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        No slices at Santarpios, the pizzas are not very big though (one size). My favorite is the garlic pizza with an order of sausage. if you are getting take out be sure to go to the door on the side of the building, not the main entrance. All take out is picked up in the kitchen and obviously is cash only. btw, no barbeque for takeout, just pizza.

        1. re: ghettochic

          Good info on the takeout at Santarpio's- I'm adding to the Place page so it's easy to find.

          Santarpio's Pizza
          111 Chelsea St, Boston, MA 02128

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            btw, santarpio's makes their own sausage. sooooooooooo good.

        2. Rod Dee (Thai curries)
          Many, many Indian places. Too hard without a location.
          Breads, dips, salads, olives, etc. from Arax/Sevan/Massis are equivalent to take out, cheaper, and delicious.
          In the Super 88 Market in Allston, tons to choose from: I especially like the Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, and dim sum places. All very cheap.
          Pizzeria Regina North End + pastries from Napoli/Modern/Mike's/Maria's
          Irie for Jamaican in Dorchester
          Could go on and on. Also try the site foodler.com, because many good places deliver through Nightowl for a $5 + tip charge, which might be easier than driving around.

          1. I regularly trek to Oishii in Chestnut Hill for sushi take-out. It travels well and it's sooo good. I love everything on the menu but I've been really loving the spicy tuna handroll lately.

            1. If I lived in Waltham I would definitely include Russo's on my list. The salad bar is a goldmine of cooked sides and of course salad ingredients. It's on a par with Whole Foods at half the price - $3.99 @ lb. We really like the made to order sandwiches and usually take home a serving of lasagna bolognese or a stuffed (meat) pepper.

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                I love Russo's! Their fresh pasta is delicious, and the fruits are super fresh. The meatloaf dinner special is pretty good too, I'd get it with the squash side.

              2. I second Pizzeria Regina and Mike's (for loster tail pasties). You could put the pizza in the oven for a couple of minutes when you get home.

                I'm sure you know about Dominic's since you live in Waltham.

                1. Something Savory in Arlington Heights isn't too far away and makes a delicious "rasta pasta" for the veg son, plus some cool soups.

                  Kathmandu Spice in E Arl also has some unusual veg options and should work for takeout.

                  1. Farm Grill in Newton. You wont be sorry. Lots of veg options too.

                    1. Beijing Star with reservations (the cautionary kind, not the advance-seating kind). http://www.chowhound.com/topics/38856... for details.

                      1. How about Amarin Thai in Newton Corner....I LOVE their crazy noodles (wide rice noodle, super spicy, shrimp.....YUM!)

                        1. I have to give a big thumbs up to Ru Yee in Newton!

                          My wife used to live not-too-far away in Belmont when we were dating and it is one of our favorite places to either get some take-out sit down for a nice meal.


                          Ru Yee Restaurant
                          136 Adams Street
                          Newton, MA 02456
                          (617) 964-4344

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                            I think I read that Ru Yee has closed now that the owner (who also owns Shing Yee) opened the new Rice Valley... I might have read this in the Globe last week. I think it said that he wanted to focus on Rice Valley, so Ru Yee had closed. Anyone know if this is true?

                            1. re: fbf242

                              Please let me know if anyone can confirm this. That would be a bummer!

                              1. re: TomH

                                Here's what the article says- I think I might have misread it, and it just means they were closed for Rice Valley's opening weekend?

                                "Rice Valley, which opened just more than a month ago, is owned by Kent Chen, who had two other popular restaurants in Newton. The first was Ru Yee in Nonantum, which had been going strong for 20 years, but Chen closed it last weekend so the chef could devote all his time to the new venture."


                          2. We eats lots of Chinese in-restaurant, but my favorite for Chinese take-out is Mary Chungs. I can't tell you why, it just has that perfect Chinese take-out feel to me. ;) Our fave take-out items: moo shi, shrimp with stumble eggs, eggplant...

                            1. We like Lam's (near Rice Valley) on washington st for chicken Laab and the Burmese noodle soup/stew thingie. They have some decent tofu dishes as well.

                              And Coconut cafe in Newton center for the green papaya salad with shrimp.

                              But on a really hot night- nothing beats going to Cabots and having the belgian waffles with french vanilla ice cream and strawberries for dinner. It doesn't travel well, of course, but eating there is part of the fun (and cheap).

                              1. For Mexican food, go to El Pelon in the Fenway. Pull up, put your flashers on and run in and grab your food. It is the best Mexican food that I've had in the area and is cheap. I live in Waltham too and it's held up for take out.