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Jul 8, 2007 07:14 AM

naka meguro suggestions

im going to be staying in naka-meguro area for 10 days at the end of August

any recommendations for great food?

looking for good ramen, general japanese cheap eats, also good non-japanese food.

basically, any decent eateries to note? nothing wildly expensive


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  1. One of my favorite hoods in the city...

    For sushi, I recommend Iroha Sushi, which is reasonably priced and good-
    To get there, go out the station, cross the street, turn left and then a quick right parallel to the train. The restaurant is at the end of the block on the right corner- sort of over looking the river.

    There's a good little standing-drinking yakitori bar called Bali-to (Bali Island) that's halfway down the lane on the right, a few doors before Iroha. This is a good cheap place to grab a drink or snack. There's an interesting little tonkotsu ramen place between these two shops that begs for a review. Never been myself...

    For izakaya, there is a branch of Aburiya Fudo, an excellent place with a very interesting shochu selection. It's not dirt cheap and fairly upscale, but a very nice interior. Great, very Japanese, place.Here's the name in Japanese and a website with a map- 炙家(あぶりや) .
    To get there, go out the station, turn left, walk down a few blocks. Just past BOOK OFF , a narrow street angles off to the left off the main road. Go down there a bit and the place is on the right. Exterior is rustic wooden country house sort of motif.

    On the left side, before BOOK OFF, is a relatively famous ramen shop which has been on television a few times called Kamachidou (框堂). Went there a long time ago and it was pretty good.

    But for a whirlwind ramen tour, you can take a right out of the station and just go down Yamate Dori, the main avenue, and along the right side every couple of blocks are good looking ramen shops. There's a tonkotsu one, a couple of miso ones, and eventually waaaaay down near Meguro Dori is a branch of the highly acclaimed Raman Jiro (ラーメン二郎 目黒店). It's a good 10-15 minutes from the station depending how fast you walk. It will be the place with a line outside.

    Otaru is a very cheap fun izakaya run by some old ladies. Go out the station, cross the avenue take a quick right, then a quick left parallel to the track. Walk two blocks to the river. Otaru is a traditional looking building on the other side of the small bridge. They've got tables outside and a hit or miss menu (go for the specials). It's one of the cheapest places to drink I know of.

    Before you cross the river (it's a very little river by the way) on the left side is a good looking pizza place with a long window and the kitchen in full view.

    You should check, Metropolis, and Japan Times as well for some reviews over the last year. Also, Ebisu, Shibuya, Meguro, and Jiyugaoka are all good food destination places either one stop or very near Naka-Meguro.

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    1. re: Silverjay

      ^^^^^^^^^ thanks very much for the tips.. very helpful.
      boy, am i looking forward to getting back to japan

      1. re: foreignmuck

        For ramen or tsukemen in Naka-Meguro, Fujiyama Seimen is also pretty good. They have a large selection of tsukemen types - this link has an English review and a map and links to pictures of the (Japanese) menu:

        Also if you are willing to walk south on Yamate Dori as Silverjay suggested (you don't have to go quite as far as Ramen Jiro) then there's a hidden Kumamoto Ramen place called Ramen Tai 1/2 way between the Dori and Ebisu Garden Place, you hang a left just before the white garbage burning tower, then go over the river and east a bit, then hang another right, actually since this is Tokyo just look at the map here:

        Enjoy and let us know how you do....

        1. re: kamiosaki

          again, some great suggestions. many thanks for that!!
          any more? maybe a great okonomiyaki place, yakitori, robatayaki, yakiniku etc...

          1. re: foreignmuck

            I second the recommendation for Aburiya Fudo, and they also have a sister restaurant called Tetsugen which specializes in charcoal-grilled meats and regional sake, and another sister shop called Kamachido which specializes in ramen. None are especially cheap.

            Nitakiya Kinsai is pretty casual, with lots of inexpensive small dishes. Buzenbo has gourmet udon noodles. Junkadelic has decent Mexican (for Tokyo) and a lively bar scene later at night.