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Jul 8, 2007 05:48 AM

good food at niagara falls, canada? [Moved from Canada board]

We are staying at the Marriot Falls View hotel at the end of the month-should we buy the package which includes a dinner voucher at the hotel, or is there some great restaurant in the area that we should try to visit? we are only there for one night!

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  1. Check out the link to the Copacabana further down the page, or for less money, if you like it, Tony Roma's Ribs is right next to where you're staying .

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    1. re: Wiley

      Thanks for the recommendation...but if we were looking for something a little more "romantic" do you have any suggestions? (This is our first weekend without the kids in a LONG time!)

      1. re: threeboys

        I'm no expert on romantic, but it must exist in the Falls, after all,and just by googling "dine dance Niagara Falls Canada" I saw a place called Casa d'Oro, with an adjoining dance lounge, you could check out something like that,

    2. How far are you willing to travel from your hotel? Or do you need a place withing walking distance? (Niagara Falls isn't exactly a fine dining hotspot.)

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        We would prefer not go to too far...we'll have rental car, but we're unfamiliar with the area. Maybe we should eat at the hotel after all! It doesn't sound like there are any highly regarded restaurants in the area....

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          Hi threeboys,

          There is a nice restaurant with a very beautiful full view of the upper section of the Fall ! It is located inside the Queenston Height park. Only a few mintues of drive from your hotel. My last visit there was 2 years ago. Very very romantic, food is good but not the best you can find in Niagara Fall area (like Peller Estates ?).

          See here :

          1. re: skylineR33

            I've been to this place a couple times and loved it both visits.

            Both times I asked for a window table and was told that they do not reserve tables like that and yet, both times, there I was, at the window.

            Bacon wrapped quail...mmmmmmmmm


          2. re: threeboys

            With a rental car, if you don't mind driving 30 minutes each way. Here are several suggestions. Strewn Winery, Peller Estates, Vineland Estate and other winery restaurants. You can get directions @ the hotel. Don't for get that you can always get room service since all rooms in that hotel has fallsview. Enjoy!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. There is a Keg Steakhouse in the Embassy Suites which is a 5 minute walk from your hotel. It overlooks the falls and although the Keg is not normally a place I would suggest, if you're looking for a steak dinner with a great view, we really enjoyed it. They don't take reservations, but there is a bar.

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            1. I had good food at Montana's over by the Niagara casino, and it is not the chain.

              1. I am looking for reviews of restaurants located IN Fallviews Casino. (Headed there in early October, and a friend thinks we should dine at the Canyon Creek Chop House.) My wife and I stayed @ Fallsview about 4 years ago and ate at their high-end eatery, 17 Noir. Thought it was pretty good all the way around, but given the pricing, only "excellent" would have justified the cost. Also, interested in hearing about the Keg in the Embassy Suites. Good ? I've eaten at their Mansion location in TO, and enjoyed it. Thanks for the help !

              2. The Stone Road Grill in Niagara on the Lake is absolutely amazing ... one of the best meals I have ever had with great service

                It is definitely worth the trip from Niagara Falls