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Jul 8, 2007 05:35 AM

Meat grinders, various meats, and House on Parliament roast beef dinner

I can't go any longer without a medium hamburger or I'm going to snap and go on a small but determined rampage. Anyone know of any stores in Toronto that are open on Sunday and sell manual (or cheap electric - I don't want to spend more than $100) meat grinders? I don't have a MixMaster, so attachments and stuff wouldn't be very useful to me. I do have a high quality food processor, but I've heard from almost all sources that that just makes a rather unappealing mince.

Also, where can I get great chuck to grind? Would this be available at stores like Loblaws or should I head to specialty butchers? Does anyone sell buffalo / bison fit to grind for hamburgers?

If you could suggest places easily TTC accessible (no car here), that would be fantastic.

I'm also thinking of heading to the HoP tonight for their roast beef dinner after reading about it here in older posts. (Can you tell I'm currently the owner of a wicked and ferocious craving for red meat?) Has anyone been recently? Is it as good as it used to be? How does it compare in quality to prime rib at the Keg?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Greetings, vorpal. For a manual meat grinder, try a kitchen supply place like Nicolau's at Queen just east of Bathurst on the south side, or another place on the south side of college in Little Italy, I think between Euclid and Clinton. I don't know whether they're open on Sunday.

    Buffalo/bison... perhaps The Healthy Butcher, on Queen W. Regular chuck I get from St James Steak and Chop.

    I was at the HoP for the roast beef five weeks ago, and it was as good as previously. Never had the prime rib at the Keg, so I can't help you there. I might be there tonight, actually.

    1. There is a big kitchen ware store on Spadina, unfortunately I can't remember the name. It is on Spadina above Dundas right by Kensington market, on the west side. They carry everything! I would definitely give them a try. And even if they don't have it, think if all the great food in the area!!!!

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      1. You are abut to have a lot of fun!

        I'd try get either a Spong or Pre-Wall Czech manual grinder. Ihave a couple of them that have been in the family for ove60 years and they're like new in spite of heavy use. The old white metal mauals are virtually indestructible. I was last in Fortune Hardware on Spadina about 4 years ago and they still had some of these. I would suggest a full range of hole diameters, especially 1/4" for meat loaves and chili.

        Chuck makes a great hamburger from scratch, but why stop there? Top round or sirloin fresh ground is amazing, plus you can do your burger pink if you scrub the meat before grinding.

        Also, consider a sausage attachment - a cone shaped end attachment upon which you slip a casing and make your own fresh sausage. It's not hard and doesn't take much time either. Your wurst effort will be better than any cello susage.

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          1. I've had the same Spong manual grinder for more decades than I can remember and it works very well indeed. I can't say whether or not current production would be of similar quality.

            The best source for chuck would be a kosher butcher, or a "kosher-style" place such as Nortown Foods. Don't make it too lean! you will get the tastiest burgers with fat pushing 30%. I like meat from a blade roast. I don't think cuts from the round or sirloin taste nearly as good in a burger.

            You can make a really decadent burger using rib meat mixed with skirt, but you really can't go wrong with chuck. Just remember that lean = bad. Some of the fat will render off in the cooking anyway.

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              I'm desperately trying to put on about ten pounds, so I'm all for high fat! I don't know much about the various cuts of beef, so any suggestions are highly appreciated.

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                There's still a kosher-style butcher on Nassau St, I think, in Kensington MKt. A father/son operation. That might be more convenient for you.