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Jul 8, 2007 04:36 AM

$20 AYCE Sushi at the Farmers Market

According to Gayot's e-mail newsletter, Kado Restaurant, located upstairs at the Farmers Market, has an "all you can eat" sushi deal for just $20 called the "Great Sushi Never Ends” special. For $20 you get unlimited access to their revolving sushi bar, which supposedly has over 50 different selections. There was no mention of any time limit.

Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I was there on their "soft opening" several months ago. The fish was unremarkable... the rice was under seasoned, pushing towards bland. Of course they may have worked out the kinks by now (however if they're trying to drive up business by following in the footsteps of Todai, they must be getting desperate)

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    1. Walked in...opened the menu...walked out. Farmers Market is prime for a great (even just good) sushi place so when a restaurant has to resort to "all you can eat" gimmicks it's a sure sign to avoid the place. IMHO.

      1. Haven't been, but when Hirozen is so close, I never bothered.