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Jul 8, 2007 01:40 AM

Feed Me: Strouds or Peachtree? (KC)

A friend and I are going to dinner next week and can't decide which one is better....

Really I want to know which place has better "overall" southern food. To clarify, it would be the Peachtree Buffet (not the restaurant) and the Strouds Northland (the only location left).

I was pretty set on strouds earlier and narrowed my choices to either one of two options: I was thinking about getting the fried pork chops or the Chicken Fried steak with the cottage fries, gravy and chix noodle soup (heard that this alone is worth the trip) which perhaps a fried thigh on the side just so I wont walk away from strouds not having eaten some of their world famous chicken. But then I started hearing this insidious little rumor that *gasp* Strouds chicken isnt really all that great--its kinda a plain and unseasoned. Peachtree has been mentioned several times but nobody I know actually has eaten just friends of friends or whatever. Is the chicken and pork chops all that great? What about the neckbones or the sides? I havent been to strouds since I was like 10, so honestly, i really dont remember the quality of their food either--just that it looked huge to my small eyes and tiny tummy. BTW, i do LOVE cinnamon rolls, but strouds doesnt look much like cinnamon rolls to me, more like cinnamon sugar yeast rolls. Bread pudding and cobbler from peachtree sounds a little more "upscale" However, I am a little worried about this being a "buffet" Is the food still good? Is it worth it?

Any feedback would be great! My tastebuds are counting on you!

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  1. I ate at Stroud's a few weeks ago and still love it as much as ever. I find their chicken flavorful and juicy. The cinnamon rolls are just cinn/sugar yeast rolls but I did enjoy them warmed over the next day - no room for them the first time around. The fried potatoes and gravy are my favorite sides. The atmosphere is so homey and we enjoyed roaming around the nice large yard and sitting on an outside bench while waiting.

    1. any other suggestions, comments????

      please help me eat the best fried chicken spread in kc!!

      1. I hesitate to say this, but I make better fried chicken than Stroud's. Theirs is juicy, yes, but it's underseasoned and bland to my taste. Now, of course, this is subjective. Some may find it perfectly delicious, and clearly a LOT of people do. I don't know of anyone in KC who makes fried chicken the way we like it. I sprinkle it with a paprika mixture after the buttermilk soak and before flouring, and it makes all the difference.

        On the other subject of southern food in KC, I don't think that's really the focus here. I haven't been to Peachtree Buffet, though, so maybe I'm missing something. I think of Peachtree as more "soul food," which certainly has some connection to southern food, but is also a little more varied and historied. When I want "southern" food, I make it myself. I could go home to get it, but there's a tendency to put pork in everything on restaurant specializing in southern menus there now, like that makes food "southern." How I grew up, that's just a shortcut.

        1. I agree the chicken is not that spectacular. You could try the chicken fried steak, that is pretty good.

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            i would gather people from the "dot " like buffets.

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              I'm not sure why this two year old discussion was brought back, but the chicken at Strouds is much better than the Peach Tree Buffet. I go to the Peach Tree for things like the catfish, cobbler, yams, and peach tea.

              IMHO Stroud's chicken is good, better than many of the "famous" chicken places such as the Brookville Hotel , Chciken Marys, and Chicken Annie's. Grannies Chicken Ranch in Kansas City, Kansas is about the same.

              BTW, there are presently three Strouds. The other two are the one that opened in Fairway, Kansas a year ago, and another one in an old barn in WIchita, KS.

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                bluesharp, I have no idea what my location has to do with buffets, actually that was a rather nasty thing to say. But to clarify, no I hate buffets, also not fond of fried fatty foods, so what? Strouds used to make a killer pot pit though.

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                  Agreed on the rudeness, wyco. I don't really think there's any place for that kind of snobbish attitude on a board like this,, bluesharp68.

                  As to the topic, I like Stroud's Chicken Fried Steak and potatoes. Peachtree on 18th & Vine is closed, but they opened a new one in Lee's Summit that is nice and has terrific service. I have also only heard great things about the Buffet on Eastwood Trafficway. Guess its a matter of what level of gluttony you're in for. :o)

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                  i beg your parden..STROUDS IS THE BEST

                3. Please give the Peachtree at 18th & Vine a try, Not a buffet, but a fine restaurant in a nice setting. A wide variety of soulfood entrees, catfish, chicken,pork chops, etc. and really amazing side dishes, Greens, cabbage, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, macaroni & cheese and more. And, better than Stroud's cinnamon rolls are the Peachtree's sweet potato muffins, hot and buttery. The area is safe day and night with convienient parking. Sunday dinner (lunch) is particularly enjoyable with many families arriving after church.

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                    I too had an excellent meal at this Peachtree. In fact, I had two -- we liked our lunch so much we came back for dinner!

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                      I thought they closed the 18th & Vine location and moved it to the P&L. Please correct me if I'm wrong.