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Jul 8, 2007 01:29 AM

Dim Sum in Edmonton

I have not eaten Dim Sum in this city since the one and only place to go to was China Garden. It's long gone and I'm not certain that that building is even still standing. So, tell me good and gracious Chowhounds, where do I go for the best Dim Sum in Edmonton? If you would, I'd like recommendations for big places that sit hundreds and small places that sit less than 20. Thank you.

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  1. Golden Rice Bowl, Jumbo, Mirama, and Noodle Noodle are all generally good. Though I tend to frequent GRB more than the others.

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    1. re: taiphun

      Century Palace tends to be decent too (in the old Marco Polo location). Cha for Tea is overpriced and the food isn't consistent, in my opinion.

    2. golden rice bowl...but get there early or you'll be waiting!

      1. Miramar is my fav, even when its busy you can normally get a table without too much wait. Always lots of trolleys too, never had to wait during a lull in service

        1. As someone who has been eating dim sum in Edmonton during the past 37 years and around the globe for 50 years, I find the Dynasty (76 Ave & 103St.) to be the best.

          1. I used to vacation in Edmonton when I was a kid and ate dim sum at a hole-in-the-wall place called Double Greeting. It was the first place I ever ate chow fun...way before it was popular here in L.A. I haven't been back in over a decade. Is it still there?

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              It's still there, but it's more of a noodle/rice place. I think you can order a couple of dim sum dishes, but that's about it.