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Jul 7, 2007 11:38 PM

Westside Breakfast: 3 Square Café + Bakery?

My father will be making a stopover in L.A. on an international flight. We will have enough time (about 2.5 hours) to take him to breakfast/brunch. We initially picked Joe's Restaurant, but then found out that it only opens at 11 am for weekend brunch (too late for him to make it back to LAX for his connecting flight). I remember seeing a new restaurant on Abbot Kinney called 3 Square Café + Bakery. Would this be a good breakfast option? We are looking for something casual, but not necessarily a diner. I love pancakes and all kinds of pastries. I am sure my dad will want to have a mimosa. Otherwise, we are pretty open... I have also heard good things about S&W in Culver City. What do you think?

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  1. 3 Square might work for you, the apple pancake is excellent and he could probably get a mimosa there. Normally, I would suggest Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica but that might be a bit tight on his schedule. Dinah's is close to the airport and has pretty good pancakes, especially the huge oven baked ones (apple, banana-walnut and German). Uncle Bill's in Manhattan Beach is even better but is a bit farther away and often has long lines.

    1. I would definitely go to 3 Square. I am not sure if the mimosa will be available, but the food is so good that they might forget about the mimosa entirely.

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        I looove 3 Square! And it sounds perfect for OP's needs. I was there last weekend and had a very good mimosa.

      2. Yes! I really liked the cafe and appreciated the variety of sweets, savory items, sandwiches and all that. I would say the earlier the better, because it can be a little busy by late morning.

        What a lucky dad!

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          I went there last weekend for brunch, the service was not that great and in fact rather chaotic, seemed like they needed more staff. But the pretzel burger and chicken hash were both delicious.

        2. Jer-Ne at the Ritz would be a really nice option and mimosa definitely accommodating
          26 Beach is a bit more casual as is James' Beach
          Cafe del Rey if it's a Sunday they open at 1030 am
          Rose Cafe opens at 8 am

          1. Tried 3 Square this weekend and the food is very good! The only potential issue is they don't take reservations; you sign a book and wait for a table to open up...