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Taqueria El Rinconcito

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Whats good,whats not.I go to this place and it's hard to communicate with the workers.Very ethnic Mexican food.Love there tacos thats all I've tried.Love there Salsa Bar you get some kind of cabbage oregano stuff,choice of 6 different hot sauces,sliced carrots onions mix,and limes to put on your food.I see people eating something that resembles a Cevieche with seafood in a large glass cup(not sure if thats what it is)Well there Tacos are good thats about all I know.Tell me your experience if you ate here and what you had.

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  1. Where exactly is this place?

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      there all over the one in Burien is the only one i've been too.

    2. I just happened to find there site http://www.elrinconsito.com/index.swf