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Favorite Snacks/Treats

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What are everyone's favorite snacks or treats? I'm always looking places where I can get a quick treat that's tasty. I really hate the bakery selection at Starbucks, but often wind up there because no one can think of another place to go for a quick drink/snack.
I went into Wild Wood on Bee Caves the other day for the first time and was somewhat impressed by the selection. I didn't realize there was a cafe that catered to people looking for wheat/gluten/etc free foods. I really liked their Ding Dongs. They are small chocolate cakes with rich chocolate icing and some sort of white filling (not much though). It was so good, I went by there the next day to pick one up again when I drove by. I was impressed with how moist and favorful it was. It's located in the same shopping complex with Breed & Co. out in the West Lake area. http://www.wildwoodartcafe.com/
I'm also a sucker for Phoenicia's Macaroons with Dates and Pecans. I've been getting those for a while now and they are simply wonderful. Very tasty and everything I want in a macaroon. My husband loves their chocolate chip cookies and we had to make a special trip there for just for them today.

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  1. MGM on Burnet south of anderson. Samosas for 89 cents. Love them. The wonderful woman who owns the store warns me: "No more than two--and not every day--they have a lot of oil." Hmmmmm......

    1. I like the fresh fruit cups at La Palatera.
      Freshly cut melon, cucumber, mango and coconut
      served with chili lime sauce.
      A really healthy snack.

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          Oh no! Did the one up near Dell close, too? I've been meaning to drop by the little trailer they have down off Barton Springs/S. 1st, but it never seems to be open when I'm in that neighborhood.

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            For those missing La Palatera: go to La Fruta Feliz on Manor just east of Airport. It's in a strip mall with a couple of taco trucks, only one of which I've tried, Taqueria el Riconsito, which has delicious flour tortillas and very good fillings. La Fruta Feliz has the fruit cups curlykerry describes, plus freshly squeezed juices, aguas frescas, and other cold fruity concoctions. Let's band together and keep LFF afloat; their fruit cups have become my new summer addiction. Oh, and remember to bring cash when visiting these kinds of places. In fact, make it a policy to always have some cash on you should you happen upon a taco truck or similar operation and be in need of a snack.

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          Mmmmnnn, The Subliminator or The Tsunami....with a curry nori roll...or a Baraka Bar from their kitchen. Daily Juice is such a special place....new one now open near Deep Eddy!

        3. Much to my surprise, my favorite baked good in Austin has come from Sun Harvest. They serve a blondie that is moist, buttery, and delicous. I look at the date on the package and buy them in they were baked that day.
          I have been really disappointed by most bakeries in Austin. I will give Wild Wood a try. Thanks for the tip.

          1. I'm extremely fond of the almond finger cookies that Whole Foods sells from its bakery case. I always get one as a treat when I go shopping there.

            1. I've recently developed an infatuation with an Indian treat - Soan Papdi.

              It contains just four main ingredients - sugar, butter, gram flour and bits of nuts (mostly pistachio and cardamom). The sugar is cooked down and blended into the remaining ingredients in thin, cotton candy like threads. The result is a rich treat that seems to dissolve on the tongue.

              The best I've found is at Gandhi Bazaar on Parmer, Haldiram's brand. It's shipped from Indian in air-tight containers, and is best consumed in a couple of days after opening, as the moisture in the atmosphere tends to melt the fine threads of sugar.

              1. I gotta say I love the prailenes (sp?) at Gene's Po Boy's on E. 11th. And their gumbo on Saturday.

                This is a great topic. We need more replies!

                Gene's New Orleans Style
                1209 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

                1. I'm a big fan of popcorn from That Popcorn Place. For sweet, I like cinnamon roll and for savory I like dill pickle.

                  1. The Dream bakery on Anderson Mill just W of 183 has the best baklava I've ever eaten. Crumbly, which is different, and just fantastic flavor. We tried some mini cakes too that were super. Like a 4 by 4 by 1" square frosted chocolate cake. Mmmm. Looked like they could fix you up with a latte or espresso too, didn't stay to see.

                    1. Anyone looking for wheat-free/gluten-free chocolate chip cookies? go to dominican joe's on south congress. they were good...

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                        Hey chica,

                        I've never heard of this place. What is it? Restaurant, Bakery, Coffee Shop? Do tell.

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                          coffee shop that's trying to make a difference and help the Domican Republic and stuff. they have empanadas that aren't that good, yummy sweets, and they get wraps from Green Cart (Aegian...mmmm!). they're in the same strip as freebirds on south congress.