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Jul 7, 2007 07:29 PM

Gas Grills in Lower Westchester

We just moved to Scarsdale and we'd like to buy a Weber gas grill. I suppose we can go to Home Depot, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a more local place to go to purchase this. I think that the prices are the same everywhere, so I just thought why not give our money to a local independent store.


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  1. put in you zip and will give you a list of local dealers

    1. Valerie,
      This is aboslutely where you should go if you want to support a local merchant. I've bought my last three grills from them over the last 15 years (2 Ducanes and, most recently a Weber Summit) and they will deliver the grill to your home fully assembled.

      Also they will come to your house each year (for a charge) and give the grill a checkup and tuneup before the season starts.

      They are great guys and deserve your business.

      Fireplace Patio Shoppe
      369 White Plains Post Rd
      Eastchester, NY 10709
      United States
      Tel: (914) 337-5301

      I have no connection to them...just a satisfied customer. Let me know how it works out!

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      1. re: stevehoff

        Thanks for the tip. We will hopefully get there next weekend so I will let you know what happens.

        1. re: valerie

          I second the Fireplace Patio Shoppe, their customer service is excellent.

          Along that line, I VERY strongly advise against Ducane, as their customer service is awful, extending all the way to the head man in the company.

          On the other hand, I highly recommend Weber.

          1. re: dolores

            Thanks. We are planning to get the Weber Genesis E-310. Can't wait!

            1. re: dolores

              FYI my understanding is that Weber bought Ducane! Don't know what that means for customer service.

          2. re: stevehoff

            here's the Fireplace Patio Shoppe, using the "Places" function (I like playing with it).

            - Adam

            (By the way, weber's customer service is also amazing, so if you purchase from Fireplace, you'll have two levels of good service!)

            Fireplace & Patio Shoppe
            369 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, NY 10709