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Jul 7, 2007 07:28 PM

jasper, Canmore, banff, lake louise and victoria [Moved from Canada board]

Can't find any recent recommendations for this area. We're going with almost 90 year old parents and would like some great but not fancy eats in the area. Thinking about eating one night on top of the banff tram (on top of the mountain, a chinese place). Any good? Help! We're staying in canmore. Good eats there for all three meals, please. THANKS.

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  1. We just got home from a two day stay in Sidney, which is the town outside of the Victoria airport. We stayed at the Sidney Pier Hotel and Spa (opened last month), which has a great restaurant. The hotel is at the end of Beacon Street and overlooks the bay. We had wine and cheese about 8pm with perfect weather and a great view of the bay and Mount Baker. Two nights in a row we had beers at the on the other side of Beacon Street. One night we ate at Bistro Suisse. I came pretty highly recommended. Overall it was a decent experience. The veal scalapini marsalla was great. We had breakfast both mornings at the 3rd Street Cafe. This was very good and full of locals who know what a gem it is.

    I know this is not Victoria but its about 20-miles north of Victoria on the east side of the island.

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      1. crazyweed in canmore is awesome!

        1. Maybe not as helpfull as a the suggestion of a place to avoid in Canmore. We (Grandpa, us parents and four kids) just ate at Ev via (Evvia one word...two "v"'s)...OMG what a mistake. They were, I am assured, a great Greek restaurant some years ago. Now they serve everything from schnitzel to Italian and still Greek. Such a wide range on one menu is never a good sign, but we were hungry after driving from Kelowna. We had the most horrendous food and service there last weekend. The Greek food was entirely absent the requisite lemon, garlic or oregano. We pointed out that our Victoria Bitter beer (a good Aussie brew for ya) had best before dates of Dec, 2005 and Oct 2006 (this was July 2007) and the owner assured us that she bought them only the day before...which of course was entirely beside the point! In any event, the food was awful with one notable exception: The tsaziki was wonderful. Order some, take it home and touch nothing else.