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Jul 7, 2007 07:01 PM

Cake dcor. classes in DC

I'm looking for beginner cake decor classes on the wkds in DC metro area. I need suggestions on where to go, and how much they usually cost (or how much I should pay). Thank you.

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  1. If you're looking for the very basics, Wilton does 4 week classes at places like Michael's and is fairly inexpensive. For a step up, Sur la Table and L'Academie de Cuisine has beginner classes. Or, you can take from a private person. Here is a list of cooking classes in the DC area and has some cake decorators:

    Other places to try would be NoVa, the adult ed catalogues. Fairfax has the following:

    1. The Wilton stuff tastes vile. But when you're learning the mechanics of decorating, you're basically playing with the food and you don't need to waste a lot of expensive ingredients nor the time making delicious buttercreams, fondants and royal frostings that will end up dirty, overworked and ruined. Wilton's basic equipment is inexpensive and decent for a beginner. If you like it and get good at it, you can upgrade to quality gear as your skills improve. There isn't that much difference between the Wilton stuff and the higher end stuff.

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        One advantage of the Wilton method is that the Crisco buttercream holds up well and doesn't melt like butter might in warm hands so it's a good place to start with the basics. Technique-wise, it isn't significantly different from other places I've taken classes as roses, scrolls, etc. go. I still use my Wilton tools, though I did go through a phase of making my own bags w/ parchment paper. I decided quick and easy are good sometimes and went back to the bags. I think it might a 6 week class but I took it over 15 years ago (wow, and just realized the equipment has held up all this time) so can't say for sure. The disadvantage is that each week, you end up w/ a boxed cake frosted w/ Crisco buttercream but the people at work loved it.

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          What a wonderful world! You learned a great skill, saved all those calories because you didn't eat that stuff and the folks at work loved you! Trifecta!
          I think it's hard to beat the Wilton classes/equipment to get your feet wet. I didn't take their classes but I have some of their stuff from my Room Mother Cupcake Baking days and it's still going strong. It's not any better/worse than the things I have from SLT, La Cuisine in Alexandria or the stuff I dragged back from Europe.

      2. SLT at Pentagon Row has a cake making class (including decorating) on Aug. 25. According to their web site, there are still spaces available. I have found their classes worthwhile and doing a one day class might be a good start.