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Jul 7, 2007 07:00 PM

French Laundry Dress Code (women)

I'm heading to the french laundry for lunch tomorrow...and I know no jeans, shorts, sneakers and a jacket is a must for men. But can I wear a cute (although short) but nice sundress and heels? It is lunch, not dinner.

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  1. I don't see why not. It's a touristy area and it's summertime (and no places, that I know of, carry a ruler to measure your hemline!). Normally, dress codes are more lax for women.

    But if in doubt, call the restaurant! =)

    1. You will be perfect. I went for dinner and wore a nice linen pants suit and felt very comfortable.

      1. As long as your dress isn't too scandalous (and I doubt it would be--CHers tend to have good taste in general), no one should hassle you. Kimberlya is right: it's summertime in a touristy area, they're not going to care.

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          Thanks for the feedback. No-it's not scandalous at all or super short. I just wasn't sure if I had to wear something more formal, which I don't have.

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            If you have a lightweight shawl or scarf to throw over your shoulders, that might be dress up your sundress (fine, by the way, as is) a little and in case in gets cold (which it can do because of the air conditioning) in the restaurant.

            Have a wonderful time. Report back on your impressions.

        2. That's really thoughtless and sloppy that they don't list the full dress code on Opentable, or even on their own Web site's reservations page.

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            The French Laundry
            6640 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

          2. Sounds perfect. Enjoy. I wore a "casually elegant" dress to French Laundry myself, and did not feel out of place.
            Don't miss Ad Hoc, it's a lot of fun. Casual but really good. Fresh, deliciouly prepared food, excellent service.