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Jul 7, 2007 06:33 PM

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches -- ISO New Ideas

I've made the ubiquitous choc chip cookie with vanilla ice cream sandwich for way too long. In search of something new.
Got a stellar combination? Please share.

What cookie would you match with dulce de leche ice cream, for example? Soft chocolate, crispy toffee, open-faced on vanilla shortbread with a drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce?

Thanks for your ideas.

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  1. Brown sugar shortbread cookies with dulce de leche might work. I tend to make my own shortbread and add a little candied ginger to the top of the cookies before baking. It's an interesting combination, espcially when you drizzle with caramel.

    Graham crackers, toffee bits, and dulce de leche works well, too.

    Chocolate wafers with mint chocolate ice cream, too. Then cover the whole thing with chocolate and ref-freeze. It's an easy snack to always have on hand.

    I also like chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with Chunky Monkey ice cream. It sounds weird, but it's really good. This also works REALLY well with Nilla wafers.

    Cherry Garcia on plain shortbread...YUM!

    1. two thoughts...

      i'd like a salty combo with dulce de leche (caramel) like a pretzel type cookie


      a florentine

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        I agree with the salty too. Maybe those sugar cookies made with real potato chips?

        1. re: Emme

          As to other combos...
          Brown Sugar Shortbread w/ Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream

          Peanut Butter Chip cookies w/ Blueberry Ice Cream

          Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip cookies w/ Pumpkin or Butternut Squash (my fave) ice cream

          Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies w/ Ginger ice cream or w/ Chestnut Ice Cream ( ... [akin to my Butternut Squash and Chestnut Puree pie


          Granola Cookies with Honey and Spice ice cream ( )

          1. re: Emme

            I have seen pretzel crackers before by Snackworks I think?
            They are kinda small though so you'd have a ton of mini ice cream sandwiches.

          2. Chocolate mint cookies with vanilla ice cream hit the spot with my friends. I like the chocolate mint with coffee ice cream even better, myself.

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            1. re: Old Spice

              I agree... it sounds like kind of an usual combo, but I had a dessert at a nice restaurant that had mint ice cream with a chocolate/ coffee sauce, and the sauce had little crunchy bits of chocolate cookie in it, or something like that. It was one of the best desserts I've ever had!

              1. re: Old Spice

                I recently made mint chocolate chip ice cream, and was looking for a sturdy, dark chocolate cookie to make and assemble.... The ice cream was good. Maybe a plain sugar cookie would of worked even better. hmmm.

              2. For dulce de leche, I like Emme's idea of a salty cookie (I adore salted caramels). A deep, dark chocolate cookie would probably offset the caramel flavours well, too. Or maybe an espresso/coffee flavour. All classic caramel pairings.

                Are you making your own ice cream? Because then you could get even more creative. I'm currently obsessed with the pear-and-caramel combo: a pear ice cream with a caramel cookie would be delightful.

                Here's a link to a lovely, spicy, soft ginger cookie on epicurious that would be nice for ice cream sandwiches. Would go well with most flavours, I'd imagine: coffee, chocolate, vanilla.


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                1. re: Gooseberry

                  Though I wouldn't myself pair dulce de leche ice cream w/ ginger cookies (and I know that's not what Gooseberry was suggesting either), if you do go w/ a ginger cookie, this is a GREAT soft yet slightly chewy version

                  1. re: Gooseberry

                    You just gave me the idea to try Bahlsen Afrika dark chocolate wafers w ice cream.
                    Every big grocery chain sells those, it is kinda like a crispy cookie covered in dark chocolate they are so yummy!

                  2. Toasted Eggo waffles with butter pecan ice cream sandwiched in between. Ridiculously good.