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Jul 7, 2007 06:20 PM

A Chinese vegetarian retail store

My dad and I went to a new place in the outskirt of Flushing that sells frozen and Chinese vegetarian product. The owner is Taiwanese and the product selection reflects that. When I visited today there was items such as veg. lion head, white-band fish ? (baidai yu), hot pot bag, as well as more mainstream selection. The Japanese ham was on sale so we bought that, I cooked it at home and it was really good.
The store itself is pretty non-descript, it's small but it definitely carries a pretty good selection of the mock products. The address is 45-46 162 st. I think the sigh is Vegetarian Foods Wholesale, Distributor. They sell some items that I'd yet to see any other store in eastern US carry.

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  1. There is a store similar to this in Manhattan's Chinatown at Hester and Centre called May Wah. (no, not the pork chop place, but about a block away) in case you're ever in Manhattan.

    Some of the grocery stores in Flushing carry more vegetarian than others as far as mock meat/fish products, but yes at a more specialized store like the one you're describing one could find such thing as vegetarian pork stomach that looks, and taste like sliced pork stomach, for example, And I'm not talking about the standard "vegetarian pork intestine", either! But the kind that's used in the Pork Stomach herbal soup that I was talking about on the Manhattan board.

    The Taiwanese vegetarian "mock" Art has risen to a high level of artistry. Now if only the vegetarian restaurants here would learn to cook it right, then the non-vegetarians wouldn't be dissing the mock meat all the time.

    p.s. Thinking back, I think at one point I saw a similar store in Flushing on 41st rd (the one the Golden Mall is on, ) somewhere between Main and College Point ave, but somehow not being able to find it again after the first time. Maybe they relocated.

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      There's a website for this place but I can't recall it. I remember my interest being piqued when I first spotted the storefront a couple of years ago. Everything seemed to be frozen and sold in huge service industry quantities so I never went back to explore. Do they have any prepared or refrigerated stuff? In small servings?


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        Here's a link: http://www.vegieworld.com/cart/index.asp

        You might be thinking of another place, larger, that used to be on Centre street also. I don't think there're there any more. This store is quite small. Most things are frozen, but some are vacuum packed non-frozen. I go there for the Taiwanese Apple soda, and Hai Song Sasparilla as much as for the vegetarian stuff.( i hope they still don't have HFCS in them, yet) If you're in Flushing, maybe it's just as easy to go there for the vegetarian fare.