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Jul 7, 2007 06:09 PM

Hats off to Outback Steakhouse

I have been less than charitable to Outback on these pages, and want to recant a little.....
No they aren't Morton's or Capital Grille...neither do they pretend to be anything other than a casual steakhouse with okay food, reasonably priced. Last Sat. night my family's home was nearly demolished by a "microburst" which sent a 4 foot pine tree through the upstairs, breaking pipes and flooding the downstairs. By 9 that night, we had made our way to a motel that was adjacent to the local Outback. We went in bedraggled, wet, and unkempt, and I asked for the manager. All I asked is that we not wait an hour for a table.We got the next available. We ordered modestly...hamburgers, vegetables, pasta, and my son got a steak. We were floored when the manager comped the ticket, with a notation: "hope that your luck turns better" Never expected that. Thank you Outback for compassion and understanding. You have earned a new fan in Tallahassee.

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  1. Its always good to hear a good story of someone helping out another, restaurant or no. And its also a good reminder...people working at chain restaurants are, in fact, people too. How were the burgers, by the way?

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      I loved your story and I'm going to go to Outback because of it!

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        I agree, these are the good stories that I'm sure happen more often than we think. Unfortunately, we don't hear enough about them. And yes as a customer, these things will influence my decision about going or not going to a restaurant. My dinners at the Outback in Springfield, NJ have always been at least ok and often quite good.

      2. Its always so heartwarming to be reminded how good and decent people are. Thank you; and I hope you get your house patched up ASAP.

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          I was thinking the same and I too intend on going to Outback within the next week to support their good doings. My best to you and your family and thanks for sharing such a nice story.

        2. Oh what a nice thing for that manager to do. I too "hope that your luck turns better." There are no Outback Steakhouses near us, but I'll certainly remember this.
          Reminds me of that movie - Pass It Forward.

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            btw it's Pay It Forward not Pass It Forward

          2. The local Outback hosts a fundraising dinner each year for the high school. Six years now, I think. Tickets are $15/person and you get steak, potato, salad, bread, dessert and tea. Outback employees donate their time to serve in the school cafeteria and every penny of the ticket price goes to the school.

            1. Steakmann, your story brought tears to my eyes. These chain restaurants depend on local (read: not "tourist") clientele to keep them in business. What an excellent way to build up community rapport.

              I'd only been to Outback while visiting my son at college these past 2 years. Service and quality of food had always been excellent for the money spent. We were pleased when Outback opened in our area. We went a few weeks ago and the place was packed. Again, great service and good food.

              Good luck to you and your family.