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Jul 7, 2007 06:01 PM

drinks near the grove...

I know this board is a place for foodies, but who knows where to find good drinks better than those who appreciate food? I have an eclectic group of friends getting together for drinks tonight. I want to take them somewhere cool that is more than "just a bar." While the martinis at Lolas typically make my decision for me, I have taken each of these out of towners there before, and would rather hit up something different. I had been hoping to find a trivia night or something special for 7-7-07 but have found nothing exciting. Help!

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  1. Not Morels, but the other place across from the Grove cinemas is nice. Piazza, I think? Anyhow, I like sitting on their patio and drinking mojitos.

    1. both within blocks:

      Molly Malones -- Irish bar with youthful crowd
      Bodega de Cordova -- small Spanish wine bar

      google 'em...

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        Oh another place that might be an option to party at with out-of-towners is Hotel Belmont on La Cienega, although that's more of a drive (or a long walk). That's more of a Hollywood scene type place if that's what you're after.

      2. I don't know if there's a special theme going tonight, but I really like the drinks at Whisper Lounge (down the alley where Barney's Co-op just opened).

        1. I realize it is late, for future reference, there are two places on third street for drinks. El Carmen specializes in tequila and mezcal. It may be a bit too much of a "bar" for the original poster, but the drinks are good and the kitschy decor is amusing. On the more "cool" front, I really like Celadon, which is kitty corner from Farmer's Market. Great, unusual drinks, many of which use sake, and the food is very good.

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            I second Celadon. Drinks are good & so is the food (they accommodate vegetarians, too).

            Does Tart have a bar?