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Farm Stands in Mid Hudson Valley

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Does anyone know a farm stand that sells fruits and/or vegetables that are not commonly available? They could be hairloom or a new cross.

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  1. I was kind of dissapointed that no one gave a response.to my question.
    However, I did find a way to get very tasty fruits and veggies at farm stands and farmers markets--I've gone to several places at least once or twice a week until they recognize me and them I ask "what is good today?" It's amazing (and tasty) what they suggest--corn, tomatoes, eggplants, etc. that I would normally stay away from because of their looks. I guess the've picked up the fact that I'm really into good tasting things and that I'm not a bs artist.

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      Glad you found what you were looking for and sorry we couldn't have been more help. I found a website with a lishting of some of the farm markets in the MId-Hudson Valley area so maybe that would help http://www.hudsonvalleymagazine.com/i... I have been to a few of them up in Dutchess County but I don't know if they meet your criteria. The Farmers Market are probably your best bet because they are all there in one spot.

    2. Yesterday at Wright's Apple Farm in Gardiner I bought purple cauliflower. They had regular and yellow, as well. Purple peppers, streaky purple eggplant. Lots of good stuff.


      1. Green Acres Farm near Claverack
        I think they're on Rt 82. The roads are confusing,

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          Marco--I was visiting friends near Hudson and they also suggested that I go to Green Acres Farm on route 82. Well, after visiting the farmstand I can understand why they get their veggies there. They have the largest selection of hairloom tomatoes that I have come across in the Hudson Valley, and the price is good. I spoke to the owner and he said he had planted 50 plants in the spring. The stand is only open Friday through Monday.

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            land spreadin out so far and wide...keep manhattan just give that countryside

          2. This blog link gives a map for farmstands in the Claverack area:

            1. Rogowski Farm in Pine Island has some interesting varieties of tomatoes.

              I'd check out http://www.valleytable.com where there is a great directory of farms and CSAs.

              1. Jenkin Leukens Orchard & Dressel Farm, both sell Northern Spy apples which are difficult to find. Four Winds Farm sells great heirloon tomato varieties ("mortgage lifter"is my favorite) at The New Paltz Farmers Market on Sundays.