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Jul 7, 2007 05:49 PM

Farm Stands in Mid Hudson Valley

Does anyone know a farm stand that sells fruits and/or vegetables that are not commonly available? They could be hairloom or a new cross.

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  1. I was kind of dissapointed that no one gave a my question.
    However, I did find a way to get very tasty fruits and veggies at farm stands and farmers markets--I've gone to several places at least once or twice a week until they recognize me and them I ask "what is good today?" It's amazing (and tasty) what they suggest--corn, tomatoes, eggplants, etc. that I would normally stay away from because of their looks. I guess the've picked up the fact that I'm really into good tasting things and that I'm not a bs artist.

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      Glad you found what you were looking for and sorry we couldn't have been more help. I found a website with a lishting of some of the farm markets in the MId-Hudson Valley area so maybe that would help I have been to a few of them up in Dutchess County but I don't know if they meet your criteria. The Farmers Market are probably your best bet because they are all there in one spot.

    2. Yesterday at Wright's Apple Farm in Gardiner I bought purple cauliflower. They had regular and yellow, as well. Purple peppers, streaky purple eggplant. Lots of good stuff.

      1. Green Acres Farm near Claverack
        I think they're on Rt 82. The roads are confusing,

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          Marco--I was visiting friends near Hudson and they also suggested that I go to Green Acres Farm on route 82. Well, after visiting the farmstand I can understand why they get their veggies there. They have the largest selection of hairloom tomatoes that I have come across in the Hudson Valley, and the price is good. I spoke to the owner and he said he had planted 50 plants in the spring. The stand is only open Friday through Monday.

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            land spreadin out so far and wide...keep manhattan just give that countryside

          2. This blog link gives a map for farmstands in the Claverack area:

            1. Rogowski Farm in Pine Island has some interesting varieties of tomatoes.

              I'd check out where there is a great directory of farms and CSAs.