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Jul 7, 2007 05:33 PM

Sin Sin Downtown Wilmington? What's the scoop?

Just got back from downtown and saw that Ash's restaurant location on the corner of Front and Princess that use to be Prima, then Bijou, is now something called Sin Sin. There's no menu on the door, it's very dark with small tables and looks like a bar - we saw people, but couldn't really tell if it was open or not. Anyone know what the deal is? Bar? Restaurant? Does Ash still own it?

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  1. I think Ashe still owns it. I think the bar is still open, which would account for the people around. I've heard that it's going to be a NY style deli. Not sure. But it's going to be interesting for sure; knowing the owner. Hope he does well. That location has had its share of openings and closings. Maybe this one will last. I hope so.

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      The sign looks like they're going for some kind of Asian fare. I'm interested to see what happens there. Frankly, I still miss Prima. The food there was outstanding.

      1. re: Andiereid

        he should have left it as prima..not changed it to french....suprising because he is a good business man,,,oh well..they come and go....

    2. have you heard about Tango du chat that suprised me

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        Yep. Next week, I think. Didn't surprise me much at all. They've had some struggles.

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          have you been to cheesecake house on Gordon road...Donna does wonderful cakes...and i hear the wraps are good

          1. re: janebono

            No, I haven't even heard of it. Where is it on Gordon?

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              scoop on sin sin....ash still owns...will be some sort of asian food...thats from one of my food vendors...cheezie-pleazie on gordon and market i believe. open about 4 months now. rumor around that Martinos is closing...but just a rumor so far

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                Donna makes really good coconut cake and a lot of other good pies and cakes. I have tried many of them. She sells desserts to a lot of places in town. Her place is in a new strip mall on Gordon, she is on the left as you come from Mkt. just after Eaton Elementary. She also has breakfast sandwiches and lunch stuff. How did you get onto that topic from Sin Sin? :)

                1. re: wineandcheese

                  I;m sorry to hear about Martino's. Hope it is just a rumor.

      2. Heard that Sin Sin is now open and that they're serving mostly bar food. Wings and such.