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Jul 7, 2007 05:23 PM

baltimore downtown - singapore noodle & rice bowl

I just moved from Singapore to Baltimore and wondering if anyone has tried the "Singapore noodle & rice bowl" restaurant in Baltimore.

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  1. Where is it? I didn't even know we had a S'pore restaurant here! If ever I need my fill of S'pore fav's i usually go to Kopitiam in DC, M and 19th? i think. I used to go to the Golden Gate Noodle House in Towson, but sadly, they closed down.

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      is at 400 Lexington Street, just behind the Lexington market. I'll let u know when i try it. anywhere else for asian food? i don't have a car and so limited to areas near downtown / federal hill or places assessable by public transport.


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        For good home cooked Korean food and Sushi in Federal hill (sort of ) try Soho eatery on Light Street just South of Fort Ave. don't confuse it with Sobo Cafe on Cross st. Soho is run by a Korean couple, they only have about 4 tables. I think a lot of people carry out. But there food is good, well prepared and well priced!

    2. If you're from S'pore, please don't try to replicate finding the amazing food that they have there with anything here. A better strategy for you would be to try to find good Balto chow, rather than good Asian chow.

      That said, you may want to try Chinatown Cafe on Park Ave near Mulberry Street. One of the servers, Joanne, was from KL...and, well, she'd understand the food in S'pore! (Unfortunately, I don't think she's still there, but worth a try....)

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        I seriously agree, I get my fix of roti and fish head curry when i go to Kopitiam or have someone cook for me when they visit. I've also mastered laska so that I don't have to be dissappointed when I'm jonesing for a fix :)

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 you ever like to invite strangers from the internet over to one of your laska feasts, or when you have S'porean guests? ;-) And, boy, now I'm jonesing for a good roti canai!

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            ..OH Boy, the pressure! I can assure you the next time I have a guest 'chef' in my mix, i will extend the invite.

            I was called out a couple of weeks ago by someone on my moniker, and I laughed bc there are some other CH's out there who, going by their food pref's and said comments, are probably sitting next to me at the same bar or behind me as i speak!
            What does this have to do w/ the S'pore noodle place? Nothing, other than you never know who you're inviting to dinner! [LOL]...

            BaltoEllen, have you been to Kopitiam in DC? It's pretty cheap, the only problem is restricting yourself to NOT order the entire 120 dish menu!

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              I should really make a point to get there, although usually if I'm in DC, I get myself to the most wonderful Eden Center for Vietnamese.

              I think in the past some of us discussed wearing CH nametags, so that CHers could identify each other when we were out to eat. Also, I think a nice addition to this site would be a personal mail function, so that people could have 'off board' conversations....

              And, will look forward to the invite! (I just had a guest at my house from France--not a foodie, unfortunately--who contacted me from the couchsurfing website) so I'm probably absurdly comfortable with meeting people from sites that I like!

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                I'll bite, where's Eden CEnter? I love a good Vietnamese...

                1. re: aussiewonder

                  It's in NoVA...definitely worth the drive, especially for the banh mi sandwiches....drool!

                  I think people here have fairly different opinions about the best restaurants there, but the sandwiches at banh mi so there are better than any I've ever eaten on the streets of HCMC. (Of course, when I eat street food there, I'm also concerned a bit about all the fresh veggies that put in it....and in Falls Church, I just don't, well, worry about it!)

                  Really worth the drive to get here:

                  1. re: baltoellen

                    Oh to have Banh Mi in Baltimore...

      2. Is the OP referring to the "singapore noodle & rice bowl" that was in Lexington Market? Did they move? I went by today and the stall inside the market is clearly not open.