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Jul 7, 2007 04:54 PM

Geisha House Hollywood.. recently?

I wanted to have dinner and drinks with some girlfriends at Geisha House in Hollywood on Highland. I know this used to be a hip and fun place but haven't heard much about it recently. Has anyone been there recently and what are your thoughts. We are interested in hearing if the food is good, don't really like tooo Americanized Asian food. How is the quality of the sushi? Is it more of a place for cocktails or would be good for dinner too?

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's as happening as ever.

    The food is nothing special. I mean, it's fine, but it's not amazing sushi by any stretch of the imagination. You're paying for the scene.

    1. It is indeed Americanized Asian food. And the sushi isn't terrific.

      If you're looking for a fun place to people-watch, drink some unique cocktails, and munch on maki, it's perfect. Anything more would be asking too much from a place like this.

      1. I've been there several times. The first time by accident...drunk and hungry. I didn't expect it to be any good. Tried one roll, and stayed. I went back a few weeks later wondering if I would like it, or if I had just had one too many. It was again very good. The quality of the fish is phenomenal. I don't care much for scenes, but the service has been perfect every time I've been there. I try to go early and on an off night, but more recently ended up there on a Saturday night. We of course had a reservation. It was crowded and loud, but I have to admit, a whole lot of fun. They had a great D.J. and the food was still awesome even though they were packed. If you like fun rolls, this is great food. If you want traditional sushi, you can still eat here...order sashimi or nigiri. If your ultimate goal is traditional food and low key atmosphere/no scene, go to R23 in Little Tokyo.

        1. It is a place to be seen...good sake list, too. Sushi? well, no, not really worth it. I can say it's better than, say, Yamashiro Sushi, or Ralph's Sushi..but not too grat and overpriced at that. Go there after or before dinner to get a drink.

          1. The food was pretty bad as expected. Their specialty drinks were overly $$$ and extremely sugary. We shared a couple of rolls and entrees. The tuna tataki was reallly really fishy.. which usually means the quality of the fish was bad. The rolls were just average. The seabass was ok. It was very busy that night and def a place to go to hang out.. but I would never eat there again.. if I did return.. maybe for a drink or 2.. that's it. Go with no expectations.

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              The food quality can be debated, but I think the trappings are worth a visit no matter what. I barely even noticed how good the food was, so busy was I absorbing the "too hip for its own good but completely getting away with it" atmosphere. Great drinks, too. And you can get away with a not-ridiculous bill if you're careful about what you order.

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                so you asked for recs, and then ignored them? :)