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Jul 7, 2007 04:01 PM

Your dream snacks

Ok, wine drinkers. Imagine this - you are drinking some great wine, enjoying some great company, but you know that your no-longer-21-year-old body needs something in its stomach in order to get through this night of wine tasting/drinking.

What is your dream munchie? Nothing that will be a perfect match to X wine or that will bring out the __ notes in Y wine, just some good solid food for when you're ready for a food break before opening the next bottle.

- Married to a guy who could care less about the snacks!

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  1. Well my first response would be some hors-dourves to match the wine, why would you avoid that ?

    But if you're looking for something to break the drinking, then a grilled-veggie sandwich with a bowl of fruit is refreshing.

    If GLUTTONY is the goal, then how about some indulgent desserts perhaps served with a refreshing bubbly.

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    1. re: Chicago Mike

      I can match it to the wine that I'm bringing, but don't know what others are bringing.
      Plus the last time we did this, the food got lost in the whole thing since the focus was the wine - so I don't think it will matter.

    2. Well, i'm a big fan of a sliced baguette, a couple of different cheeses and a few cured meats. I like to nibble continuously when drinking.

      If I'm drinking a lot and couldn't give a damn about calories, then I want a baked pasta dish (baked ziti or a beloved rigatoni bechamel with prosciutto.)

      1. Ritz crackers with crab or spinach dip.

        1. I'd like some caviar, the type they had back in the days when Sean Connery played James Bond. But really, all I need is some good bread. But, with wine, for some reason it has to be white bread. I don't know why.

          1. Whatever tapas I ate at a particular bar in Puerto del Sol when I was in Madrid last year. It was delicious but it would have not been complete without the copius amounts of rose that we drank.

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