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Your dream snacks

Ok, wine drinkers. Imagine this - you are drinking some great wine, enjoying some great company, but you know that your no-longer-21-year-old body needs something in its stomach in order to get through this night of wine tasting/drinking.

What is your dream munchie? Nothing that will be a perfect match to X wine or that will bring out the __ notes in Y wine, just some good solid food for when you're ready for a food break before opening the next bottle.

- Married to a guy who could care less about the snacks!

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  1. Well my first response would be some hors-dourves to match the wine, why would you avoid that ?

    But if you're looking for something to break the drinking, then a grilled-veggie sandwich with a bowl of fruit is refreshing.

    If GLUTTONY is the goal, then how about some indulgent desserts perhaps served with a refreshing bubbly.

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      I can match it to the wine that I'm bringing, but don't know what others are bringing.
      Plus the last time we did this, the food got lost in the whole thing since the focus was the wine - so I don't think it will matter.

    2. Well, i'm a big fan of a sliced baguette, a couple of different cheeses and a few cured meats. I like to nibble continuously when drinking.

      If I'm drinking a lot and couldn't give a damn about calories, then I want a baked pasta dish (baked ziti or a beloved rigatoni bechamel with prosciutto.)

      1. Ritz crackers with crab or spinach dip.

        1. I'd like some caviar, the type they had back in the days when Sean Connery played James Bond. But really, all I need is some good bread. But, with wine, for some reason it has to be white bread. I don't know why.

          1. Whatever tapas I ate at a particular bar in Puerto del Sol when I was in Madrid last year. It was delicious but it would have not been complete without the copius amounts of rose that we drank.

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            1. Dates, stuffed with piave, and wrapped in bacon (or prosciutto). So easy to make!

              1. Salami, Luques or Picholine olives, Manchego or similar cheese, Marcona almonds, crusty bread or good crackers.

                If somebody's cooking, fried chickpeas, fried olives, gougeres, grilled sardines.

                Or call out for a pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

                1. "Dream" snacks?? OK, I'll play: olives dressed up and stir-fried with shallots, fennel seed and orange zest. Perfectly seared foie gras with a peach juice, demi, and aged Jerez sherry reduction. Ooozy gooey d'Affinois or other double- or triple-cream brie or St. Andre. A quintet of blue cheeses from around the world. Sliced salumi. Gougere. Smoked salmon. Caviar on buckwheat blinis or pumpernickel toasts. Something with romesco. Warmed crusty fresh-baked bread...all served by buffed and oiled men wearing only loincloths and fanning me with palms. Well, you said dream...

                  1. In my dream, I am sipping a medium/full-bodied Italian red wine accompanied by: pizza bianca topped with bresaola, ruchetta, shaved parmiggiano and a spritz of lemon; sweet moist prunes stuffed with chevre and wrapped in pancetta, then broiled; creamy gorgonzola on a tuscan cracker, topped with a swirl of chestnut honey; mozzarella di bufala di campagna, sliced and layered with heirloom tomatoes, unfiltered Pugliese olive oil, Sicilian sea salt, and a generous chiffonade of sweet Italian basil; true eggplant caponata, made with tunisian eggplant, brown sugar, olive oil, olives, pine nuts, celery, raisins, capers, onion, tomato, and white wine vinegar; wedges of toasted ciabbata, lightly rubbed with fresh garlic, topped with sheep's milk ricotta, drizzled with unfiltered Sicilian olive oil, salt and fresh black pepper; chick peas marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, basil, salt and white pepper until softened, then spread on small rounds of baguette; paper-thin slices of mortadella with pistachio, all by itself; paper-thin slices of prosciutto di parma, all by itself; fresh figs. Followed by a long snooze...

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                      You sent me with that...such detailed descriptions...hungry now and heading to the kitchen with this last typed word...

                    2. breassola, fontina, and watercress on a fresh baguet brushed with fresh garlic

                      1. A simple baked brie topped with caramelized onions...and some toasted baguette to scoop it all up.

                        1. If I am enjoying my wine, and I usually do, I'd choose something to munch, that would not adversely affect the wines, yet to come. More me, lightly toasted French bread, no butter, and no oils - or soda crackers. I'd throw in some well-made, non-flavored cheeses, keeping them simple to middle-of-the-road - not to pungent. OTOH, I'd normally structure something to fit between the last wine sampled and the next.


                          1. Foie Gras lollipops. (Which are on a restaurant menu I ran across though I can't recall which one.)

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                              José Andrés makes foie gras lollipops (sticks with cubes of foie gras swathed in cotton candy) at his restaurants Cafe Atlantico and the one called "minibar" in D.C. May also be found at his other DC restaurants. Before I tried a lollipop, I asked myself if this could possibly work, but foie loves just a hint of sweetness I said to myself, and damn -- with one bite -- I was convinced Jose Andres was a genius. He is, and not just because of these lollipops.

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                                Take a wheel of brie, (a smallish one) slice it in half, slather it with some kind of fruit preserve, a tartish one would probably be best, currant or something, sprinkle with pecans or walnuts. Put the two halves back together, wrap in phyllo and brush with butter. Bung the whole thing in the oven until phyllo is crispy and golden and cheese is nice and oozy. Serve with crackers and some badass wine.

                                1. re: polyhymnia

                                  Polyhymnia (just imagining what that sounds like): I'm presuming you mean slice the Brie in half horizontally rather than into two pie halves, yes? Forgive me, but the only bung I know of goes into a barrel. Is that Oz-speak or other slang for "bake"? Cheers.

                                  1. re: maria lorraine

                                    Im trying to picture how to describe what I mean, but basically slice it through the middle so that you have two complete circles with rind on one side and cheese on the other. I'm not sure where I picked up bung, I basically use it as a synonym for "throw it on in there in a rather haphazard manner." This recipe is super easy, and really luscious!

                                  2. re: polyhymnia

                                    Yes, I was thinking of St. Andres, but without the extras - just room temp, but that was for some buttery whites, prior to the reds.

                                    For good taste, I do like your recipe. I've had variations with honey, in lieu of the preserves, but have loved them. Only problem that I have is with the rind and its amonia content, though baking it seems to meld the flavors togehter.


                                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                                      Honey is certainly also good, especially if you get one with a particularly nice flavor to it. After a childhood of eating sloppy blobs of brie that had had the rind cut off I've begun to really enjoy the contrast it provides for the cheese. I'd say all of the stuff you're putting with it would certainly mellow out the rind taste somewhat.

                              2. Between reds:
                                - Chinese pancakes or spring rolls smeared with hoisin sauce and stuffed with roasted, confit or Chinese BBQ duck and shredded scallions and English cukes
                                - Italian-style chopped liver (preferably duck) with porcini, anchovies, onions, capers and grappa
                                - Grilled portobello burgers
                                - Beef or venison tartare

                                Between whites:
                                - Raw seafood, especially crab, with lime juice, fish sauce, cilantro, a bit of minced chile and red onion and a smidgen of sugar on endive leaves
                                - Mildly curried chicken or salmon brochettes on basmati rice
                                - Salmon poached in olive oil and served with a tart salad (HT to Paula Wolfert)
                                - Salmon barely poached in broth and served at room temp on a salad of sliced fennel and Granny Smith apples (HT to Charlie Trotter)

                                - Manchego with membrillo
                                - Aged Comté with walnut bread

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