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Jever Pils?

Where in Manhattan can I find it, either in a store or a restaurant/bar?

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  1. I know you said Manhattan, but closest I know is Water Taxi BEach in LIC. That said, worth the trip

    1. It's been a while since I've been to either establishment, but I've spotted it at dba and possibly Croxley Ales.

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        dba often has it on tap, and probably always in bottles. I'd assume a lot of stores with large beer selections carry it, since it's fairly available here in Park Slope. Nice hoppy brew.


      2. i believe i saw it at ed's lobster bar a few days ago

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          Ed's has had it on tap every time I've been. I might have seen it a Blue Ribbon Bakery but I'm really not confident about that.

          Good beer. Anyone know about getting it in a store?

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            I've bought it in Park Slope at the grocery store on the corner of 7th & Berkeley. It's not such a rare item. I think the Key Food nearby also carries it. It shouldn't be hard to find in stores.

            1. Zum Schneider Ave. C & 7th St.

              1. Bizarrely, I'm drinking one right now. I got it at the deli on the corner of Grand St. & Madison St. on the LES. Their selection is nothing to write home about, so it can't be hard to find.

                1. Saw it in the Associated on Bleecker and LaGuardia.

                  1. Store: Deli on 2nd ave and 9th street.
                    Bar: Both Lorelei and Lederhosen, I believe.