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Jul 7, 2007 03:07 PM

Chicken Adobo link please?

There was a Chicken Adobo thread on this board recently but searching isn't finding it so could anyone please either provide the link or post a great Chicken Adobo recipe? TIA

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  1. Do you mean Filipino-style adobo? Adobo pertains to a number of different cultures, from what I understand.

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      I did mean Filipino-style adobo and the link that I was looking for has been posted above: Thanks, Hounds.

    2. don't know the thread but here is a link to a Charmaine Solomon's recipe...
      she also has a coconut adobo (which I love
      )not sure which adobo you're after...


        This one? I made it again, but my daughter still said her friend's dad's recipe is better. So I'm banned again!