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Jul 7, 2007 02:49 PM

Best pastrami in Bklyn Hts/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens Area?

A good friend upstate has a hankering for great Brooklyn pastrami. Any ideas about where I can pick some up in this area?

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  1. Just so you don't get left hanging on the question, I'll venture an opinion... there aint none in our neighborhood. Sorry. But look at the bright side... Katz's is not far away. If he/she is really your good friend, go there & get the real thing.

    1. Only place close that has it is Junior's, and it ain't all that good there.

      1. Pete's Waterfront occasionally does a house smoked pastrami on marbled rye as a sandwich special. It is not traditional pastrami, but when they have it it is exceptional.

        1. Is there any Pastrami in Brooklyn anymore? The only place I know is Adelman's on Kings Highway. Oh, that Glatt place on Coney Island Ave & Ave J.

          All the rest seem to have closed down ages ago.

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            And the Mill Basin Deli on Ave T.

          2. JUNIORS still has great Pastrami.