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Jul 7, 2007 02:37 PM

Who has the perfect cole slaw recipe?

I've tried a bunch. The only one we've loved uses a combination of water, vinegar, oil & seasonings heated to a boil & poured hot over the grated cabbage, chopped carrots, red & green peppers - it's called Confetti Cole Slaw with good reason. You cool it for several hours, drain off excess liquid and serve. It's very good, but I'd love a good recipe for a creamy slaw - not sweetened, not overly soaked in dressing, just something nice & crisp to serve with anything grilled.

Somebody out there must have a winner.

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    1. re: drewb123

      Drewb posted a very good recipe...I usually add some celery seed OR celery salt to that recipe, just a personal tweak that I love in coleslaw...but you'd be fine making that one...I,too, disdain sweet coleslaw (a LITTLE sweetness is okay but not that gloppy white stuff that you seem to find everywhere...sad sigh)

      1. re: drewb123

        That is a classic cole slaw! There's a local restaurant near my house on the Chesapeake that has cole slaw everyone adores and they won't give out the recipe. I finally got it from a cousin of the owner. It's almost identical to that but no carrot or onion and they use yellow mustard. How's that for plain? I frankly don't think a little of either would hurt but I don't use them. Lazy. I like Val's addition of celery seed, though. I hate sweet, gloppy versions full of all sorts of stuff. This should be a simple straightforward side dish.
        The good thing about this simple version is that I can make it at the last minute and serve it right away.

        1. re: drewb123

          My recipe is identical to epicurious, except that I omit the sugar entirely, include celery seed, and use dry mustard instead of wet. Also, I typically add in a bit more vinegar to taste.

          1. re: drewb123

            I just made it and it's delicious. I used half mayo and half yogurt to lighten things up a bit, and only 1/4 of the sugar called for to accomodate my husband's taste - it's one of the best ever. Thanks for sending this one.

            1. I love this one (which has been handed down by my Mom):

              Mix together 1/2 head of shredded cabbage (~4 cups), a small can of crushed unsweetened pineapple (mostly drained), a spoonful of real mayonaise (or blend of mayo and plain yogurt), I have never measured, start with about a 1/4 cup, and add some more if needed. Thats it, very simple!

              1. I make the Zesty Bell Pepper Slaw from Epicurious all the time. The only substitutions I make are (1) I always use purple cabbage and (2) I don't usually mix yellow and red bell peppers as called for -- I just use red because it's cheaper that way. And I probably put in more cayenne than the recipe calls for. I love it because it tastes good the next day. It is the perfect accompaniment for any grilled food.

                1. Because my coleslaw is kind of a zen thing, I'd have to think harder to reconstruct an actual recipe, but I will make this strong recommendation:

                  Whatever dressing you end up making, add about a half-teaspoon of creamed horseradish.

                  Seriously, it's basically the ultimate coleslaw secret ingredient.

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                  1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                    YES to horseradish!

                    I've never been a big coleslaw fan--had seldom tasted one I really liked-- until about three months ago when I decided cabbage is so cheap, low-cal, tasty, and keeps so well compared to other salad greens that it was high time I came up with a slaw I liked. This--my own invention-- has made coleslaw lovers of even the young grandkids and now a meal seem sadly lacking if I don't have any.

                    Several hours--sometimes overnight or a day--ahead, I shred a med. head of plain old green cabbage. I sprinkle it w/salt and put in a colander on the drainboard w/a weighted plate on top to leach some of the water out. Leave for a couple of hours, rinse well in cold water, pat dry really well in a big clean towel, put in ziploc baggie you've sqeezed all the air out of, chill. (This isn't necessary if you're just making up some slaw to be eaten immediately.)

                    Whisk together in a bowl:

                    1/2 C. Hellman's mayo
                    1/2 C. sour cream
                    1/3 C. rice vinegar (I sometimes add some cider &/or malt, even a splash of balsamic.)
                    Squeeze in a big fat clove of garlic or several skinny ones
                    Add a heaping TBSP of prepared horseradish. (What's this "half-teaspoon" foolishness, Barmy? :o) I love Gold's "Hot" . It doesn't make the slaw too hot for anyone, in my experience .
                    A pinch or two of sugar or Splenda to taste.
                    Fresh ground pepper & salt if needed (if you did the salt/weighted colander treatment you might not need to add any more here.)

                    Blend it well. If possible let it chill and develop in the fridge for up to a day or so. I don't dress the cabbage until serving time because even with the salt treatment enough moisture is exuded to dilute the dressing.

                    Please let me know if any of you try this, what you think of it, any suggestions for improvement. It's pretty wonderful, IMHO.