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Jul 7, 2007 02:17 PM

One dinner in Vegas

My wife and I are travelling to Vegas in August, and have time for one big tasting menu based meal there. Thanks to previouis posts, I've narrowed it down to B&B Ristorante (at Venetian), David Burke (at Venetian) and L'atelier Robuchon (at MGM Grand). Our limits (mostly because of my wife's pregnancy and resulting tastes) are no beef/pork (yes, I realize this cramps things) and no shellfish (again because of the pregnancy status). Based on this, which of the tasting menus would you all recommend? Am I missing another place that I should consider instead? Thanks!

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  1. Fleur de Lys? Or would you avoid that because you're from SF?

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      I know that at L'Atelier, if you alert them of your wife's eating restrictions, they can accomodate and still construct a multi-course tasting menu. However, once you remove beef/pork and most especially shellfish, I think you would be waisting your dollar here, since Robuchon's menus are largeky known for his extensive creations on shellfish meats and sauces. Once you begin to deconstruct and alter dishes, they are never quite the same experience, even in a proper chef's room. But, if you really want a tasting menu experience, go ahead to one of the Robuchon restaurants. I've seen them do 16 course vegetarian menus, and even vegan and raw menus at Restaurant Joel Robuchon. Nutz!

      Don't go to David Burke. Not worth it. Kind of a dud.

      I would hit Batali's place if you want tasty food with so so service, and maybe think about Alex at the Wynn, Picasso or Restaurant Michael Mina at the Bellagio? Good luck.

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        Michael Mina is fish and seafood intensive, so I don't think that would work. The signature dish is the lobster pot pie.

        We liked B&B on our first visit right after they opened, and our second visit will be this coming Friday evening. They do a pasta tasting menu, I think, but the OP should check with the restaurant in terms of his wife's dietary restrictions.

        Ciaobelly, did you eat at David Burke? Care to share any details? I don't think I've read any kind of review here, just some general yays and nays. I've stayed away due to the fact that I haven't loved the meals I've had at his other restaurants in New York. I don't think I like his style.

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          Coming from SF, we were trying to avoid Fleur de Lys (I had also heard that the SF one was better) and Michael Mina (which we loved in the pre-pregnancy days).

          We had a terrible, terrible dining experience at Corsa Cucina at Wynn (stuck in a very cramped table, courses brought out of order, cold dishes made warm from a warming lamp, hot dishes made cold from sitting out, and having to beg someone every five minutes just to get water or bread) that we essentially refuse to go to anything at the Wynn out of principle.

          It sounds like B & B might be our best best, especially with the pasta tasting menu.

          I would also be intrigued to hear details on ciaobelly's experience at David Burke.

    2. Most of the better restaurants will accommodate your dietary constraints pleasurably. What you want to stay away from are places that have the assembly line type of kitchen where there is no personality to the dishes (do not get me wrong, some of this type of cooking can be as good as any restaurant on the strip). Although I have not been to the new B&B in the Venetian, Babbo in NYC tends to be able to accommodate restrictions on diets extremely well. There are a variety of different dishes that fall into the parameter you set forth and given the reviews, I would think it would be your best bet, especially given the pedigree.

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        In reference to the David Burke questions.....I too (Debbie W) just do not care for that boring and stereotypical "steakhouse, asian, mediterranean fusion" confusion thing. The food wasn't seasoned, nor cooked properly. Dishes were a mish-mash of flavors. Service was shotty. The best part of the meal was the wine, which was chosen by dining companions. I just think there are so many other great restaurants to dine at for the price. Everytime I am dining at the Venetian, the place is empty. You're better off skipping over to B&B or Bouchon.

        Also, don't do Aquaknox. Ate there two weeks ago and it was quite possibly the absolute WORST food and service I have ever encountered. Waiter wouldn't even give us the time of day until the ordering of oscietra caviar, multiple courses and single vineyard, over-priced pinot perked up her ears. I have never been so angry about a dining experience.

      2. Hi Hungry,

        Wondering if you'd be willing to talk about acquiring your handle, since you haven't been active on the CHOW boards in quite a long time. Congratulations on your baby who must be keeping you busy. Please contact me at alex_brosio (at) gmail (remove underscore from name). Thanks very much! Btw, Fleur de Lys in SF was very disappointing (June, 2009), so avoid.