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Jul 7, 2007 02:00 PM

Da Best Sandwich

Da Best Sandwich any good in Boca??

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  1. I'd like to know that too.

    A guy I used to work with said they're the best, but I didn't give much credence to his opinion so I never rushed over there to try it.

    1. The turkey subs are good, off the frame turkey. A bit dry, make sure you ask for extra condiments. The sub with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry is excellent, almost too much to eat. I have also tried the cheestake and it was also good. Not the best in town but certaily solid.

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        I had a Philly Cheesesteak there and thought it was pretty low quality.

      2. I've been eating at D'Best (on Dixie just north of Yamato) for several years and always like the food. I'm with willy224, the cheesesteak sandwiches are good (not great) and I appreciate the variety. It's D'Pilgrim that keeps me coming back. Really good roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo on a 7 or 12 inch roll. It's like Thanksgiving for lunch. I've never had a problem with dry turkey...maybe it was a bad day.

        All that said, IMHO the best subs are at V&S (2621 N Federal Hwy in Boca.)

        1. thanx for the info! will definitely try it!

          1. You can fresh turkey and roast beef. Its a pretty good place to get a quick lunch