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Jul 7, 2007 01:54 PM

Ravanellis - Best subs & great pizza

Has anybody out there ever had the pleasure of trying the pizza & subs at Ravenellis pizza in Northridge? Its been in business for over 40 years, and has been run by Gino and his sister as a takeout pizza restaurant - - now their neice/nephew are taking it over and doing it right. I've been going there for over 25 years, and even though I've moved out to the Agoura area, I still have to get my fix at least once a month! No loss in quality at a very good price.

For those of you that have tried Dans Super Subs and think they're the best - - you've got to try Ravenellis and tell me what you think. They offer a full foot-long Submarine Sandwich on the best sesame seed roll I've ever had, for only $5.95! Its huge! I recently tried Dans Super Sub and they don't even come close to Ravanelli subs - - the flavors of the roll and tremendous amount of coldcuts and seasoning make it the best tasting value I've ever seen.. Actually, all of their sandwiches we've tried have been great! (Try the Spicy Sub, my favorite)

As for their pizza - - the best crust and sauce and flavors. Also very reasonably priced. You can get their "Dinner for Two" which includes: Full medium cheese pizza, garlic bread, large spaghetti and meat sauce and salad for $14!! And it feeds six!

Their link is And don't forget to tell Karen (super nice and efficient on those orders) "Hi from Agoura". Please give me your opinions! Thanks!

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  1. I was living temporarily in the area in 1992-4, and used to order their pizza regularly.

    The sauce was what I remember most....the most intense tomato, they use great quality cheese and other stuff. The topper though, was the crust...yeasty, chewy, done perfectly with a slight char.

    I miss those times....

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      In 1978 - 1983, I was living in the area as a typical 'flat broke' college student. We used to order the dinner for two and it was always the greatest deal in town. Its just recently, and quite by accident, that I ordered one of their sub sandwiches. And now I'm not sure whether their sandwiches are right up there with the best in the area. Anybody compared Ravanelli subs with their favorites?

      For my own curiosity, I took previous Chow board recommendations and tried Dans Super Subs - - and was surprised to see Dans didn't come close to the quality in the roll (Dans was a bland, small sized regular roll), the meat, the oil/seasoning, and overall sub full taste. For value, the $5.95 sub is two meals. Its just another reason for me to drop by Ravanellis after all these years - - and they are always working hard and very friendly to all their customers.

      1. re: mls

        Ravanelli's is the GREATEST!!!! They make the best subs I've ever tasted...and I have had subs everywhere...even in New York. Ravanelli's had the right formula. They use the best ingredients, tons of meats, and the bread is perfect. AND...the price is reasonable. How often can you say that anymore?

        I have to drive a half hour through a usually congested traffic area to get there...and it is still worth the trip.

    2. I've lived in the valley my entire life and I've never been there. I'll have to try it--thanks for the recommendation.

      1. Another Ravanelli's fan here. Good and affordable, too.

        1. My family and I have been going for about as long as you have, and I am suprised that you do not think they have not changed. We ususally always get delivery and 4 out of 5 times they forget something we ordered. The toppings aren't as filling on the pizza as they used to be as well. I do have to admit, we keep going because of the flavor of the pizza crust...

          1. Lived in the valley from '76 to '92 and it was and still is one of the best pizzas out there. If you have not been, definitely go!!