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Jul 7, 2007 01:41 PM

Had a great breakfast at Peach Cafe in Monrovia today

It was a take on Eggs Benedict but the base was their Belgium waffle with crisp bacon, sweet maple syrup and a touch of cornmeal baked into it, topped with smoked thin-sliced ham, over-medium eggs and a savory cheese sauce.... it came with strong coffee and an awesome fruit cup with fresh strawberries, pineapple and really good grapes. None of that not-yet-ripe-and-tasteless honeydew/cantaloupe mix I usually get :-)

My cousin had light, fluffy blueberry pancakes with a touch of orange zest and a side of excellent Nueste bacon. BF had the above-mentioned waffle with bacon. We all cleared every bit of food from our plates.

Service was a tiny bit inconsistent but overall very friendly and the owner stopped by to see how things were.

I am STUFFED but it was Yum!

Location info stolen from one of WildSwede's prior posts:

The Peach Café
141 E Colorado (E of Myrtle, N side of street, just past Canadian Café)
Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 599-9092
M – Th 7:30am – 3:30pm
F 7:30am – 9pm
Sat & Sun 7:30am – 4pm

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      Oops - yes. Apparently I always have to have at least one typo per post

      1. re: RoxyGrl

        Not to worry, we have all made typos in our enthusiasm describing a good meal. What other egg dishes do they have? Also how are the hash browns, that is a real test of a good breakfast joint. Have you been to LeRoy's in Monrovia for breakfast? How would you compare the two?

        Le Roy's Highland Restaurant
        523 W Huntington Dr, Monrovia, CA 91016

        1. re: ChinoWayne

          Their other egg dishes are all here. Fairly standard except for the quality/interesting add-in options

          Frankly, the one thing I didn't like on my first visit were the breakfast potatoes. They don't have 'normal' hash browns but I did notice this weekend that they have added something similar to home-fries but none of us tried them this time around

          And this is sort of the opposite of LeRoys in that it's more of a cafe as opposed to a coffee shop - if that makes sense. I love LeRoys when I'm really hungry or on a rainy day (I vaguely remember those....) but on a hot summer morning when I'm looking for something a little different I would head to the Peach Cafe

    2. How much seating do they have? Was it very crowded when you went (curious about wait time)? What were the prices like?

      I did a drive by some time ago, and it didn't seem like there would be much seating inside....

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      1. re: The Oracle

        RoxyGrl did a very good post. The Blueberry pancakes sre UP-TOWN. I would say this place can seat maybe 50 inside and maybe 20 out front (under the roof and before the sidewalk). Cool ambiance inside but they do have sound issues. When they first opened the service was much better. The owner (a very nice lady who has a profound love for coffee & food -- check out the coffee bar menu by clicking on the link in the OP) was always there when they first opened, but recently she does not seem to be there or comes and goes. As a result the service can be an issue but still worth a try because the food and coffee is some of the best for what it is. I accept the service as is but the last time we went (several weeks ago) we did have to remind the server that our food was probably done and sure enough it had been sitting and was -- not hot. That guy was new and maybe he has it more together by now. But hang loose and sip some coffe because the food is special.

        1. re: JeetJet

          Thanks JeetJet. I think you're right on on the seating. We actually chose outside because we were still recovering from the prior evening and wanted a little quieter/mellower vibe. We probably should have gotten there a little earlier for that - there was no wait but it got pretty hot on the patio by the end of our meal.

          Also, my brother interviewed for a job cooking there a while back and although he and the owner couldn't work out a shift time that worked for him he did get to know a fair amount about their operation and was impressed with her seriousness about the quality of ingredients and the cleanliness of the kitchen. I'd still eat there anyway but it's nice to know.

      2. I am meeting someone there for lunch tomorrow, and will report on the lunch menu!

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        1. re: onebite

          I haven't tried the lunch but it all sounds great. I'm curious to hear how you like it!

          1. re: RoxyGrl

            We had a nice lunch there. I had the Southwestern grilled chicken salad, which was a combo of grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, some sort of ranch-type dressing and red and yellow tortilla strips/chips. Not so good that I wanted to lick my plate, but definitely tasty and well-prepared for what it was. My friend had the spinach salad, which she said was good, although she felt there was too much bacon on it (hard to believe there could EVER be too much bacon!)

            The real standout for me was the cornbread -- it was not the bready type of cornbread, but almost a cross between a corn cake and corn bread, with a nice sweetness to it. I didn't need any honey on it or butter - it was delicious just the way it was. And they gave me two big triangles of it, so I had some to take home.

            Ironically, the service was almost TOO attentive. Either the server or the woman who I presume is the owner popped by every five minutes, it seemed, to ask if we needed anything. My friend and I were engaged in a fairly intense discussion, so this was a mite annoying. Still, I'd much rather have that than a server who delivers the food and then you never see them again.

            I would go back again and probably will.

            1. re: onebite

              Mmm....I remember the cornbread now! The only thing I've had off their lunch menu was the blackened chicken panini and it was so salty that I had to drink 3 glasses of my iced tea. Their breakfast is certainly well worth going there for though

        2. So glad you liked it! Try the Monte Cristo next time. SOOOOO good!! ;-)