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Jul 7, 2007 01:33 PM

Best Cornbread in Manhattan?

Hey all. I'm fairly new to the city - moved from SF about 3 months ago and so still don't know where to get the best this or that yet....

My sis and brother in law are visiting and he has a thing for cornbread. So my question is where can I get the best (or just some that's really good!) cornbread in Manhattan? Preferably someplace where we can just pick it up, as opposed to have it be part of a bread basket.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like the jalapeno corn bread at Amy's Bread. Not sure if they have it every day though.

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      Whole Food's has a pretty decent jalapeno cornbread
      Best when warmed

    2. Shark Bar on 74th and amsterdam

      1. Thanks all! I was hoping for something other than Whole Foods, as they have it in SF as well. I LOVE Amy's Bread - but couldnt find the cornbread on the "menu" on their website. Will check it out, and will also look into Shark Bar.

        Thanks again....

          1. very touristy, but good....Virgils on 45st between 7th and 6th