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Jul 7, 2007 01:33 PM

Authentic Turkish Breakfast

I was reading about breakfasts in other countries today on Wikipedia, and came across the most delicious sounding breakfast I have ever heard of... ever. Or at least today. No. Ever.

I want it:

Turkish breakfast consists of fresh white sourdough bread, white cheese (feta), yellow cheese (kasar), fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, black and/or green olives, butter, honey, preserves, soujouk, salami, pastirma and a boiled egg — all accompanied by hot black tea in small tulip-shaped glasses. Breakfasts can be very elaborate for company or on weekends, and may include a variety of breads, pastries, and spreads, and several fresh fruits and vegetables in season, but the essential breakfast ingredients for almost every Turk on a daily basis are bread, cheese, olives, and tea.

Does anyone know a place in LA (or within 2-3 hours driving distance) where I can find a delicious, authentic, "homestyle," Turkish breakfast like the one above?


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  1. Well, no since there's really not even a place to get a real Turkish dinner in the area.
    But here's an interesting alternative -- Magic Carpet in Beverly Hills is a Yemenite restaurant that serves Iraqi, Moroccan, Tunisian and Egyptian breakfast dishes.
    Most of those items sound common to other Middle Eastern countries, so maybe check into Persian and Lebanese restaurants to see if any do breakfast.

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      i do not have specific knowledge of turkish food. but i was in studio city this morning, driving on ventura blvd., when i saw a restaurant on the north side of the street, just east of whitsett, which said "turkish food" on the sign. so i thought of this thread. just trying to be helpful....

      1. re: justanotherpenguin

        The name and address of the place is:

        12449 Ventura Blvd.
        Studio City, CA 91604

        Haven't been there myself but noticed it while driving on Ventura also.

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          I mentioned Serra's in Studio City two days ago, yet the monitors of this board decided to remove it.
          they do not serve breakfast or lunch, however.

        2. re: Chowpatty

          The Magic Carpet is kosher and serves meat, so you wouldn't be able to get a dairy breakfast (with cheeses) there.

          1. re: nowhereonearth

            i thought that the name stated with an "S". i will jot it down next time that i'm in that part of the world.

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          1. Persian breakfasts are very similar: various bread, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, walnuts, cucumbers, dates, butter, honey, preserves, boiled eggs, Persian tea and fresh fruit. I've never had this anywhere but home, as most Persian restaurants tend to focus on lunch and dinner. You can easily recreate this breakfast by going to a Persian market in LA and buying the ingredients.

            1. On a similar note, I'd love to find a place with the traditional Lebanese breakfast of FOUL which I enjoy with my family on occasion; which is a sort of stew prepared with fava beans, garlic, olive oil, lemon, and salt.. with the accompanying mezze of tomatoes, scallions, parsley, cucumbers, etc to add the mix. Also the mandatory sides of olives, hummous, lebne, Armenian string cheese, sheep's milk cheese, halvah, pita, etc etc. all washed down with some rich Turkish coffee.

              I know that Sunnin has Foul on their menu, but I believe it needs to be done right with the entire mezze in small plates strewn across the table.

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                1. re: adevejian

                  I think Alcazar has Foul on the mezze menu

                  A place in Encino called Aroma cafe has some middle eastern (maybe persian) breakfast dishes.

                    1. re: Diana

                      Been meaning to check out Alcazar for quite some time now. Now I have another reason. Thanks.

                    2. re: adevejian

                      How about an Arabian Breakfast?

                      Sham - Syrian (?) - Santa Monica - serves that on Sundays. They do not list what the dishes are, but they show a picture of 5 plates (one which looks like it might be Foul). The picture can be found on the 2nd menu page from the bottom at the bottom of that page:


                      Can anyone identify what those 5 dishes are?

                      1. re: JBC

                        The one in the bottom left corner is tomato slices, grapes, cucumber slices and most likely cheese (in the center). This is the only dish that looks similar to what can be found on a Persian (and apparently on a Turkish) breakfast table. The other four dishes are a mystery to me.

                        By the way, is Sham any good? The menu looks pretty good to me. "Sham" means "Candle" in Persian. I wonder if it means the same thing in Arabic.

                        1. re: JBC

                          That's definitely not Foul. Foul is from fava beans and the stew is of a dark brown color.

                          The circular pizza-looking dish may be Manaeesh (or Lahmajoon) which is a delicious flat bread baked with a sesame paste and sesame seeds and other spices like cumin.

                          The dish on the far left looks chickpeas (or some sort of bean) with tahini/hummous on top?

                          Though its very small and difficult to ascertain, the top center dish may be hummous though its somewhat of a mystery.

                          The far right dish looks like some sort of sausage dish.

                      2. Haven't tried it yet but Wahib's in Alhambra does middle eastern breakfast (including foul).


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