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Jul 7, 2007 01:30 PM

Extra Egg Whites?

Since I just posted asking for recipes to use up some extra egg yolks, I thought starting a thread to use up extra egg whites (or perhaps to create those extra egg yolks to try out any tempting recipes) would be appropriate.

My egg whites were used to glue bread crumbs to some chicken breasts. (Hmmm... any idea why it would be egg whites rather than simply the whole egg? Is there some kind of science to this?)

Thanks for the egg white recipes in advance!

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  1. Anytime I have extra egg whites (or just buy egg whites) I always make meringues. They are so easy and so much better homemade than store bought, the difference is shocking.

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    1. re: ScarletB

      I had extra whites just last night, and made meringues for the first time, and I was amazed at how easy they were and how fun they were to make (especially with a stand mixer). And they were really tasty.

      1. re: JasmineG

        Yeah, much easier with a stand mixer! I made them for years with a handheld mixer (which my mom didn't even think was possible), but now that I have the stand, it's so much easier and less tiresome on the arm. I love that you can put anything you want in meringue cookies, and people are so impressed by them because, generally, people are only familiar with store bought. Only problem I have is the weather here is often not conducive to making meringues - way too wet!

        1. re: ScarletB

          I put toasted chopped almonds in some, and chopped chocolate chips in others, and they were great!

    2. Macaroons - along the lines of homemade meringues, these are soooo much better than store-bought!
      Angel food cake

      1. Meringues, angel food cake, chiffon cake, pavlovas, egg white omelette, mousses and souffles that feature more egg whites all come to mind. You can also freeze the egg whites in an ice cube tray.

        I usually beat a whole egg when I bread something.