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Leftover Egg Yolks?

Made dinner yesterday and ended up with 4 egg yolks. I'd rather not throw them out if I don't have to. I'm finding the "New! Improved search" a little difficult or perhaps just less clear to me than the old version...

I usually avoid recipes using only egg whites or egg yolks because I don't know what to do with the extras... What's your favorite recipes using those awkward extra egg yolks?

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  1. Aioli! Just four yolks will yield you a nice quantity.

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      You can also make homemade mayo or hollandaise sauce.

    2. Some sort of custard that requires extra yolks?

      1. Custards like flan or creme brulee, pastry cream, and homemade ice cream. I've seen ice cream recipes that call for 4 - 10 egg yolks.

        1. Marscapone cream for tiramisu!

          Beat 120 g of sugar with egg yolks until fluffy. Add 1.5 kg marscapone cheese a spoonful at a time while beating mixture on low. Should resemble whipped butter. Layer marscapone cream, then ladyfingers dipped in a mixture of espresso and brandy (dip lightly. don't want them to get soggy) in a dish. Top with cocoa and serve.

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            4 egg yolks
            4 oz marsala or other liquor (or 2oz white wine, 2 oz liquor)
            2 tsp honey or sugar

            Whisk in bowl over hot water until stiff peaks form. serve immediately over berries, peaches or fruit of choice

            Sprinkle crushed amoretti (or any kind of crisp cookie) if you like.

          2. I read this someplace: "Feed leftover egg yolks to the dog. They will do wonders for his coat."

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              I do this with either leftover egg whites or yolks. I whisk them up and cook them and serve them to my dogs. They love a little treat now and then and I'm not wasting anything.

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                When I was a teeneager and obsessed with my hair-I used to use egg yolks as a conditioner. Just had to make sure to rinse out with cold water (not exactly comfortable but better than scrambled eggs in my hair). I had very shiny hair....

                Now I am obsessed with food-so Zabaglione rules.

            2. Bacon and Egg Spaghetti! It's so easy and so good.
              Just mix the egg yolks with about 1/4 cup milk, and 1/4 cup parmesean cheese, some salt & pepper to taste, and fresh chopped parsley to taste if you have it. Cook up a few pieces of bacon and crumble. Cook thin spaghetti or angel hair pasta until it's done, drain and immediately mix it with the egg yolk mixture, while the pasta is still hot. (This will mostly cook the egg.) Add in the bacon and parsley, and you're good to go.

              1. For a decadent treat - white up yolks with superfine sugar. WE used to dip toast in it. It was a treat every year when we went camping. You really beat the heck out of it until it is pale and fluffy. For a better flavour, put a drop or two of cool extra strong coffee and whip it in. You can use reg sugar, just beat more.
                Sometimes we had this poured over fruit.

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                  lemon curd (or lime)! I always make some to accompany my angel food cakes because it helps me use up all those yolks.