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Jul 7, 2007 01:02 PM

Hong Kong Eatery

Where's the meat? In the market for duck, or chicken, tripe or other specialty meats done up in the Hong Kong style? One big HK to go go event here. I took one Chowhound's advice and was especially nice to the man behind the cleaver. Even though I am not a pretty young Chowpup it was a happy exchange. I got a roast duck without the head and a char sui pork tenderloin. Great quality and well done. It was reminiscent of the old Bo Shek where drawn and quartered ducks with sauce to go was a Chinatown fixture for decades. HK Eatery is doing the right thing and I'll be back to check the other roast delicacies that adorn it's window. Do jey!

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  1. HKE has been my go to place for roast meats since Bo Shek's demise. Their dumplings/wontons are also very good.

    A tip for the roast duck..I ask them not to carve it up/ just halve it..heats up real well in a good hot oven.

    A few years ago, a bunch of us..maybe 15 preordered a whole suckling pig..good time..:)

    1. Do give China Pearl Best Cafe a try as well; I like their char siew more.

      Best Cafe
      11 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

      1. could you tell us where the hong kong eatery is... this is the first time that i heard about it and would like to go there on 7/9 to pick up some meat

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          I linked to a map and info below.

          I'm fan of the duck and char siu pork too, but also like the roast pork with its thick crunchy skin. I think I have some pictures of that whole roast suckling pig 9Lives mentioned. If I find them, I'll post.

          Edited: Couldn't find the pics, but it was a fun time - here's the report:


          Hong Kong Eatery
          79 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111

        2. While I like eating at HK Eatery just fine, I typically don't buy my roast meats to go from there. Our default is also China Pearl Cafe or the place by Hei La Moon (don't know the English name of that place). Since there are also some good options in Quincy now, I do default buying in Quincy more often than not too.