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Jul 7, 2007 12:36 PM

Vegetarian restaurants (dairy,eggs OK) in Quebec City

Does anyone know of any good, interesting vegetarian restaurants in Quebec City ...and also along the St. Lawrence up to Tadousac? Can be casual or fine dining.

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  1. Since you eat eggs and dairly, a crêperie springs to mind. This one in St-Jean-Baptiste (just outside the old city walls) looks more interesting than the chain Au Petit coin breton
    Le Billig 526, rue Saint-Jean, St-Jean Baptiste - 418 524-8341 Excellent critique in local media.

    There is a branch of Le Commensal in Québec, but this resto looks more interesting:
    Mille Feuille Restaurant 1394, chemin Sainte-Foy Québec, QC G1S 2N6
    (418) 681-4520
    The critique is very good - I haven't been there. It is in a pretty residential neighbourhood (St-Jean becomes chemin de St-Foy) next to the Plains of Abraham.

    When I was with a vegetarian friend, we ate in one of the many small Vietnamese restos in Québec (many are bring-your-own-wine). He was always able to find vegetarian dishes.

    Chez Temporel is an old boho-literary café, rue Couillard, a tiny street in Old Québec. It has two storeys. (Good) coffee, tea, tisanes, beer and wine, sandwiches, salads, croissants etc. Simple menu, but very good, and vegetarian choices. 25, rue Couillard Québec, QC G1R 3T4
    (418) 694-1813

    I'll be thinking about places downstream... Baie St-Paul (a town with many artists: Cirque du Soleil got its start there) would be a likely spot.

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      i went to the mcgill commencal the other day. big mistake. the meal was ok. But, after eating i made the mistake of going to the washroom and out of 3 stalls, 2 were dirty, two had no toilet paper: all three were unuseable. I went out and politely asked a group of 3 men working there for help and i was told that i should go talk to the ladies standing over there. I wasn't so happy. If i tell you your toilet is filthy, you jump and fix it, you don't send me looking for other people. If it's not your job to clean the toilet, you go and track the person whose job it is to clean the toilet and make sure they do it.

      I didnt argue with the first group but walked over to the ladies (and a manager) and told them what had happened. the ladies looked away and the manager rudely answered "well, he told you to tell the women didn't he?"

      I personally don't think it's my job as a customer to go around begging people to clean their washrooms. And if that's their attitude towards washroom cleanliness, i wonder what goes on in their kitchen. the manager sent in one lady who was visibly grossed out. She flushed one toilet and changed one paper roll. didnt' even bother changing the paper towels for drying your hands.

      I do not intend to go back there again.

    2. I was just in QC this past week, and I had a great veggie burger at Chez Victor. They actually have 4 vegetarian burgers on offer, and I think this was my favourite inexpensive meal in the city. I recommend skipping Le Commensal -- I am always disappointed there.

      1. Hi All,

        If I can expand this thread a little -- can people offer additional recommendations for Quebec City restaurants that serve meet but also have at least one good vegetarian main dish?

        I'll be headed there soon, myself. Thanks.


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          I have NOT been to Le 48 (quarante-huit) but based on another thread I read a lot of critiques (mostly in French, a few in English) and it would definitely have vegetarian options, and it looks like fun, in ther recently redeveloped Old Port (Vieux Port).

          Restaurant Le 48, Cuisine_monde
          48, rue Saint-Paul, Québec
          Téléphone: (418) 694-4448
          Daily menu (lunch): 8,95 à 12,95 $
          Table d'hôte: 11,95 à 14,95 $
          Dîner pour deux (incluant boissons et taxes): 50,56 $
          That is for a meal for two with drinks and taxes.