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Recommendations for cheap but tasty food near Venice and Overland??

Can anyone recommend some places to go where I can pick up some good food for a potluck and not break the bank? I live near the Beverly Center so somewhere in the area is idea.

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  1. Hu's Szechun, YUM YUM YUM. National near motor

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      I really want to like Hu's but I haven't really liked anything that I have gotten from there.

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        You're in luck - there are a wealth of good inexpensive restaurants within a half mile of Venice and Overland> Versailles, Cafe Brasil, Mama's Pizza, India Sweets and Spices, and the late night mediteranean place just west of there - i think it's called Gabi's - it's really good.

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          Oh, I forgot Western Smokehouse - real good BBQ eat in or takeout on Overland a few blocks N. of Palms. Make sure to have their mashed potatoes. It's on the way to where you're heading.

      1. Versailles definitely
        Honey's Kettle for fried chicken and biscuits to die for
        Le dijonaise - good food and gret pasteries

        1. Tender Greens, on Culver Bl in Culver City has superb food, pleasant atmosphere (sit outdoors and watch the people go by), absurdly low prices for its quality.

          1. Closer to home, you could pick up some breads and pastries at BreadBar.

            1. Outdoor Grill on Wash Pl for BBQ and sides is over there too

              1. Gabi's Mediterranean cafe is honestly pretty good, and Versailles does have a few pretty good dishes. There's also a pretty good Thai restaurant on Jasmine ave called East Wind IV.

                1. I second the recs for Hu's and Thai Boom. I like the very simple chinese chicken salad Hu's serves with some of the lunch combos, and my favorite entrees are the Kung Pao shrimp and the twice-cooked pork (without tofu). Really like the stir-fried eggplant and the yellow curry at Thai Boom, and their special shrimp in the dry curry butter, and their chicken satay was beautifully grilled and presented with two dipping sauces. Disagree with Outdoor Grill -- most disappointing bbq I've had on the westside.

                  But to pick up for a potluck? If it is not a weekend, maybe Victor Jr's on the north side of Washington across from the studio -- one of their pizzas, an Italian chopped salad, or an order or two of eggplant or chicken parm. or their excellent meatballs.

                  1. You could pick up some good South Indian food at Annapurna. And if you're really trying to one-up everyone, you could go next door to the little grocery store and get a case of those Indian mangoes that they fly in. They're expensive, but oh-so-good.

                    1. Try Kathmandu Kitchen... it's right there, just west of Overland. Cheap and interesting Nepalese food. Can't get Yak in that many places in LA!