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Jul 7, 2007 11:13 AM


Just hooked up to this site,I was a member and hadn't looked it up lately.
Took in one slowfood event hosted at a small inn around Guelph Line and the QEW a few years ago...looked for some current events on the website but not much has evolved.
Anyone else know something new about SlowFood?

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    The Toronto group is hosting an event at the Brickworks in September, more info on their site above.

    They're also involved with the first instalment of Harvest Wednesdays at the Gladstone Hotel, which start this Wednesday (July 11th).

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    1. re: SherylKirby

      FYI - this is the second year for Harvest Wed. - had a couple of great meals last summer. Enjoy!

      1. re: deelicious

        Yes, I'm aware that it was on last year - I live right around the corner. However, this coming Wednesday is the first one ***for this year***.

    2. I've found the Toronto SlowFood movement to be an apt title. Hopefully the events will pick up.

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        Much obliged for the updates...there was a chef operating out of Fergus,Ont. that belonged to SlowFood but alas I no longer recognize his name.
        (Yes,it's true I have been a recluse while providing two children a university education.Keeps one down to earth,so I am here to catch up on current good eats!)

      2. I dropped my membership, which was a major moral dilemma, because SF Toronto never seemed to reach its potential. Its events for the most part a) were expensive, b) featured JK and/or c) focused on cheese and wine. Other conviviums such as Perth and Vancouver have monthly Taste Workshops and more (financially) accessible events. Several Toronto taste events (organic ice cream, I think, and fair trade coffee) that were canceled during SARS were never revived. They had a change in convivium leader but that doesn't seem to have lit any fires about more, or more varied, local events. Oh well.

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        1. re: DylS

          Thanks Dyls for that insight.... I was considering joining but from reading the Toronto Slow Food website it does come across as a somewhat elitist group of insiders from the food business so I feared that events would be cliquish, tediously earnest and humour free. So I quess I'll find other ways to indulge my interest in slow food.... time to weed the garden :)

          1. re: KitchenVoodoo

            I must have been in an extreme-grump mood when I wrote my first response, but I forgot -- honestly, not spitefully -- that SF arranged a really fun sausage-making evening at The Healthy Butcher (popular enough that it ran for several nights) and a pasta-making class/dinner at Grano, at which a winemaker, a salumi maker (Mario Pingue from Niagara), and a mushroom-grower all spoke. I apologize for forgetting these fun, educational and affordable events. Perhaps if Slow Food had such events more often, I wouldn't forget them so easily?

        2. Anybody attend any of the potlucks?