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Jul 7, 2007 11:08 AM

Help a vegetarian find his seitan (gluten "meat")

I am new in NY and living in Midtown east, but I am able to venture a bit. I am looking for the following:

1) Cheap places for asian vegetarian that have lots of fake meat and good prices (I love seitan and gluten mfaux meat).

2) Places that offer american food with faux meat replacements


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  1. You can get both of those at Vegetarian Paradise 2 in the West Village. Try the Soul Chicken for American-style.

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    1. re: piccola

      I haven't been to VPII but the restaurant next to it, Red Bamboo, has the soul chicken that has been hailed as #1 fried chicken by all my non-veg friends -- they also do have some asian-inspired dishes (mango chicken is pretty tasty and does come with lots of mango) and the sprint rolls are really good (crispy/nongreasy)

      Red Bamboo
      140 W 4th St, New York, NY 10012

      1. re: olia

        They're owned by the same person, and the menus are similar. Ditto Dragonfly on Seventh Ave South.

    2. If you are interested in making your own, we've moved a recipe for seitan that was posted to this thread to the Home Cooking board at

      1. I haven't been in years but used to like a seitan dish at Caravan of Dreams, 7th St. a bit east of 1st Av. (can't get the new "places" wiki to work).

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          I'm a big meat eater, and I love Caravan of Dreams! Try the Santa Maria Stir Fry - not supercheap, but insanely filling, and incredibly delicious. Great sangria too.

        2. Home on 8th for Asian and Uptown Juice Bar on 125th Street for American and Caribbean favorites. New sister restaurant to UJB is Cafe Veg on 135th Street and 7th Avenue and for raw foods there is Raw Soul on 145th near St. Nicholas and Edgecombe.

          1. The veggie chicken at Birdies (First Ave., betwn 9th & 10th) in the East Village is excellent.

            149 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003